Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Self isolation hair do.

I think tomorrow we will get the clippers out and use them on this mess. No excuse, have only had one professional cut in the last two years and that was a couple weeks before we left Mazatlan when I got a trim.

 Beginning to get serious about my new curtains. Put the curtain rod together but not up yet. Think I'll put a valance type ruffle on them - or not...
Got another Smith's delivery - about half of what I ordered. They text as they pick up the order. Notice a few thing were replaced. I'd ordered store brand oil and got Wesson for same price. No flour available.
 Order is together driver on her way. No margarine either. And no replacement. 
Driver waited until Bill backed way up from entrance. Then she put bags on table. Bill is wearing gloves and mask for taking everything out of shopping bags. Then he sprays them with alcohol. When dry we bring them in. Always washing hands. I wonder if everyone's water bills will be going up until this is over. 
 This is an ad I saw on line - that is cranberry sauce - I don't even want to know what you do with it to get rid of toenail fungus. ICK. Just imagine squiggling your toes in that....No I did not watch video.  
Still working on my puzzle and watching some NASCAR TV. 
No cooking today, Bill has to feed himself. I had a sandwich and we need to use up some lettuce. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Tried wiping a couple items with alcohol that were in plastic with writing on and it all came off...what a mess. 😂

Doug and Nancy said...

I love hearing about how your days are going. Doug is working from home. I am trying to keep busy in the condo but it is hard. Sheesh....I have vacuumed 3 times in three weeks, now that's true boredom! By the time this is over, I will have worn out the carpet. Wish we had a yard. At least our weather has turned nice now, more spring-like. Should be around a high of 55-60 F. Not too bad.

Hugs....I am still waiting for Bill's crepes!

Carol and Bill said...

Kathy - we just spray them and let them dry. doesn't seem to cause any unexpected surprises.
Nancy - no crepes - CANNOT buy flour any where. a friend said she ordered some flour from a restaurant supply place, BUT she is getting 50 POUNDS! Not sure I'd want that much, it would guilt me into really baking, want to or not. Also can't get yeast any where, but know I can make an equivalent for it.
Where are people keep all the stuff they are buying. Been trying to get margarine for two weeks. NONE.

SandyM said...

Oh my, Carol, we have the same hair style but mine is all gray! Had it cut just a couple days before we left Mexico and have never in my life had such short hair after "just a trim". That is what I wanted and what I got was a GI haircut - remember them? Oh well, can't go anywhere so no problem.

Will you line the curtains you are making for your sewing room?

Stay well and stay safe

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - No about lining the curtains, they are just for looks. I found the material in Mazatlan and thought they'd be cute. Just have to decide how I want them to look.