Saturday, April 11, 2020

I couldn't stand it any more

Beginning to feel that way about the stay inside stuff, but was really talking about my hair. Went from this
 Lots of hair in the trash - looks almost like a wig. Maybe I should have saved it..

To this.  It will be a while before I need another hair cut. Bill and I cut each others hair, so we have the same hair do.
 Bill also put my curtain rod up for me in my sewing room.
So it is temporarily up, still needs the curtains. Once the curtains are on it it will not be uneven. I did work on the curtains for a bit today. Got the panels stitched together and hemmed the bottoms and sides of them. Now have to figure out how I want them to look.  They will be short cafe type curtains.
We finally got Bill's package. The mail person somehow got the box open and delivered the package to our door.
I'm making out another grocery delivery list. After stepping on my scale I removed several things from the list. Mainly ice cream. I wondered why my watch seemed tight - gained a whole lot more weight over the winter then I thought. 
A picture of me from years ago when my son's snake lived with me. Taking her out for a drag. She was almost 20 feet long and weighed about 120 pounds. 
Not cooking tonight, just using up lettuce and other stuff to make room in refridg for tomorrow's delivery. For ever the optimist. 

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