Thursday, April 16, 2020

Mundane things

I figured I'd better write today - even though it is getting harder to make our days sound interesting. So where should I begin - well we actually got chicken in today's grocery delivery. Got the extra large breasts for Bill to slice to make milenesa with. And the other package so we'll have some kind of meat to eat when I feel like cooking...
 Many, many many years ago - probably about 19 years ago just after we bought the Alfa we went to an RV show. Got Coast to Coast membership - which we have since dropped and bought this Food Saver.  One of the best purchases we've ever made. Every once in a while I think we should buy a new one, but don't care about all the new gadgets that come with them. This one works just fine. For any one who doesn't know what it does - it allows you to vacuum pack your food. Keeps the air from getting in when in the freezer. With this one you cannot use it for bread - I think the new ones you can. Once while traveling we found Bills favorite - egg bagels. We bought a half dozen and thought we'd be smart and save some for later. Put a couple in the bag and turned on the machine. It just sucked the air right out of those bagels. Flat and harder then a hockey puck. I still laugh about the look on our faces as we watched it happen. 
 Another Kincaid puzzle. 500 pieces. Working slowly on it. 
Back to our Walmart delivery. It was due to arrive at 9 a.m.  He got here at 8:59. Impressed. I'd already been informed that one item had been substituted and 3 were unavailable. No swifter wet jet refill, no pipe cleaners [to use making face masks] and no computer paper again. What are people doing with computer paper????


Marla Terry said...

We have a good saver as well and we use ours so much too😊

Mark said...

I also have a food saver. I have LOTS of frozen items in the freezer. When I want to freeze stuff like bread or pastry, I first freeze it then take it out and then use the foodsaver. Works good for me it doesn't crush them the items.

C said...

I have the commercial food saver I bought at least 17 years ago ..still works fine. Good tip on how to freeze bread..Thanks Mark
Carol... I love every hobby you do!!!

Kathy Tycho said...

Left my foodsaver in Mazatlan..should have brought it home😔

Doug and Nancy said...

Well, maybe if toilet paper is still scarce in your area they are using that computer paper for something else....?

Thanks for the update. Your days sound a lot like mine!!

Carol and Bill said...

Marla - we've been using this one for years. Sure hope it doesn't break.
Mark - I don't know about that - there is still air in the bread and ours is really old, one of the first made - to it air is air and it has to be gone. Might try it today - we got some plain bagels that neither of us like and they are inf freezer.
Nancy - scary thought - ouch.
Kathy - and now you could probably really use it.