Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Did nothing yesterday

Strange day yesterday, only got short walk up to clubhouse to deliver some paper work to outside collection box and see if we had any mail. 
Here is a picture of the whole plant that had the pretty flowers. Guess it is a yucca in bloom. The pools at the clubhouses are closed as is the gym and card rooms. Some of the residents here are wanting the rent reduced until the amenities are back open. Good luck with that. 
All of a sudden in mid afternoon we heard a loud rumbling sound...thunder? Yep it sure was. It got black out and POURED with lots of loud snapping thunder. Strong cold wind really dropped the temperatures. Then it moved on and the sky was blue again. It looked like it rained again over night as the patio had puddles on it. 
I woke up at 3:30 - Bill was already up. I tried to go back to sleep but ended up getting up around 4:15. UGH. Bill was cold so he decided to cook some bacon - turkey bacon. He had put on his long sleeved shirt too. 
The turkey bacon, it tastes okay, but the consistency is a little different and it looks different. Enough left for BLTs for lunch. Still using up all the tomatoes I ordered by mistake. 
This mornings trying to sunrise. Lots of black clouds and rain in the area still. 

Shouldn't complain as our weather is going to take a turn for the worse, for me any way. We will hit the mid to high 90's by next week. Guess our cool spring is leaving us. Weather people are talking about maybe our first 100 degree days by next Wednesday.  
Still trying to get a few things from grocery store. I thought I'd try Smith's this time. Want parsley and romaine lettuce, and their web site has flour on it...maybe...Hum...just got notice from Smith's that they are running behind, instead of delivering between 9-11 - it most likely will be 11:30-12. Wonder what I won't get.
I find myself doing laundry more often and cleaning things that are already clean. 
Got our delivery from Smiths 4 out of 23 items. No parsley again??? Did get a little tub of margarine and my Swiffer Wet Jet liquid refills and lettuce. But very bad experience - got charged BIG for someone else's order. Customer service was very helpful and I think - will know for sure by tomorrow - the problem is taken care of. But think I'll shop at WalMart from now on. 


Barb said...

We are getting our first 100 degree temps near Palm Springs starting tomorrow and lasting for at least a week! Summer is coming!
Hope you get some flour soon!


Jackie McGuinness said...

Some condo building residents in neighbourhood complaining about amenity fees. They don't realize, at least in our building's case, that they are spending more keeping us safe. Cleaning supplies, pools still have to be cleaned, plexiglass at concierge desks and in the store, masks and gloves for staff, utilities are being used more as people are at home. All doors and surfaces have been sanitized with industrial cleaner that lasts 6 months. Staff are delivering packages to units. And so on.
Turkey bacon, nope.
I placed a curbside pickup order at the Bulk Barn. Will pick up this morning, will be curious what won't be in stock. It sells baking supplies and spices in bulk.

Carol and Bill said...

Barbie - yah, not looking forward to the heat. probably will get our first 100 day by the end of the week. The flour is more of a quest . then a necessity. The parsley I need.
Jackie - I wonder what exactly they are spraying - see it all the time in Mazatlan on the Maz Facebook site.
It surprises me that Bill is more okay with this staying in then I am.