Friday, April 24, 2020

Doesn't take much to make me happy now days

I am very happy with my grocery order delivered from Walmart today. I started ordering Tuesday and set our delivery time for 8 - 9 a.m. today.
About 7:30 I got an email telling me what they didn't have - ink for my printer. and what they substituted. 3 things. I had ordered Great Value flour 5# bag, instead I got Gold Medal All Purpose 10# bag for price of smaller on $1.93.
They also substituted dried parsley for a wonderful big bunch of beautiful fresh parsley. And instead of a bag 3# of onions we got 5 huge yellow onions. So much better than Smiths experience.  They got here at 8:45.
Also got two boxes of my favorite Mexican cookie - which are hard to come by. Still no yeast though.
And managed to get a package of 100 large paper napkins. Finally. 
No more ordering for a while, got everything I wanted. Bill ordered the printer ink on line for less money.
Was listening to the news. They will not open the schools here in Las Vegas until fall. So every one will miss about 2 months of school. When we went to Argentina our kids missed a whole year of school and were not held back. And I didn't even try to "home school" them. And they did fine.
Also heard that one of the old drive in theaters here in town. One car every other space. No concession stand and limited use of restrooms. Guess it has been full every night.
Well we are gearing up for the hot weather - the first time ever 100 degrees in April. Sure hope it goes down again for a while.
Saw this necklace in Mazatlan, took picture of it .
Today I decided I'd try to make one like it. A project to keep me busy. I am using a dark green bead. Just starting to make the base so to speak. The part that all the flowers flow off of. Took me awhile to remember how to do it. 
The beads are tiny. And the hole in the needle is almost nonexistent. But so far have managed to thread it and to pick up the beads okay. For some reason my hands don't shake as much when I'm doing this.
At least it should keep me busy for a while. Also have a round 300 piece puzzle started. It is going fast.
Took short walk with Bill this morning and it was already hot out. But will try to get out for a bit every day.


SandyM said...

That was a good shopping experience - good score on the flour. It continues to be hard to find back here but thankfully I still have a little bit. Will be interested to see your necklace when finished. Is the beading similar to what the Huchicol (sp) Indians of Mexico do? They also do the beading that is placed on a wax base and place those little beads one at a time.

Barb said...

I didn't realize that necklace was all made out of beads! Wow! Can't wait to see yours when it is done!


Jackie McGuinness said...

I'm stocked up on flour as you will see in my post today. No yeast here either. Read that it will take the manufacturers at least 3 months to get supplies back up to normal.
I am well stocked at the moment.

I like the jigsaw puzzles online.

Opening the drive in is a fantastic idea!! John is really missing his golf.

Carol and Bill said...

SandyM - There might be a long wait to see the necklace done, I have to figure out how to do it still. Yes the picture is a Huicholi piece.
We have several of their beaded animals. In fact at one time Bill was doing that so we have a zillion beads and the bee's wax.
Barbie - hopefully I will eventually finish it. Good intentions, but mine might not be quite as elaborate.
Jackie - gluten flour is plentiful here in every store, but it has taken me a month to get the regular. I think I've finally got everything I needed/wanted. Will make yeast some time this week.
It is going to be miserable here soon today 92 then in a few days 101. So no one will want to be outside any way.