Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Today will be four hours shorter than yesterday.

Why will today be shorter than yesterday, well because yesterday I got up at 3 a.m. and today I got up at 7 a.m. By this time yesterday I thought it was midnight.
Got a good surprise yesterday too. April is the month we really pour out the money on the vehicles. All three insurance is due and all three have to be smogged and registered. It dawned on me yesterday that we'd not registered the nor smogged them. Oh, oh! But then I'd not received any notices in the mail. So I went to the DMV site. Lo and behold Nevada is giving us a 90 day extension from the due date. That is good - we can do everything but smog them by mail, but right now I don't think any of the smog places are open. I paid the insurance a couple of weeks ago. Wish we had one of the insurance companies that is giving a rebate because people are not using their cars now. 
Finished another jugsaw puzzle. It was only 500 pieces so went pretty quick. Except for things being almost the same color and some of the pieces fitting where they didn't belong.  
Weird weather here. One day hot next day cooler and rain. Another surprise sprinkle yesterday afternoon. 
Most of it missed us. It was raining out in the desert behind us. 
Blue sky in one area storm clouds in others.
I had gone out to see if there was a rainbow, nope. 
Our cooler weather is gone for a while - probably will hit 100 before the week is out. UGH. 
I always enjoy looking at my bathroom windows from the outside, especially at night when the light is on. 
Well had a very interesting grocery delivery yesterday - from one of the local chain grocery stores - not WalMart. I did get my Swiffer Wet Jet liquid refills - a package of two. [could have sworn it was Swifter not Swiffer - live and learn.] And no I hadn't used the mop yet. 
Also got a little container of margarine - I had ordered two large ones, but will take what ever I can get. 
Out of 24 items ordered I got 4. Along with a bill for $129! Better believe I was on the phone with customer service fast. Took several calls to get things settled [more about that later] Finally got a full refund of entire bill. I said I would be happy to pay for what I got, but representative said no - full refund. But not shopping there any more. 
Every time we would almost get the bill straightened out I would lose the call. I thought they were disconnecting me. But now I think I have a problem with my phone, or the cell signal where we live. Cause I was talking to my girlfriend and the call dropped a couple of times. Great timing if it is the phone, I doubt Verizon is open and I don't want to go there anyway.
Good grief - three weeks ago everyone on the news was saying "If you're over 80 you will probably die." Well that is what it sounded like. Now every other commercial is "Zantac will kill you, call us for money." Crap I've been taking Zantac for 20 years. Is it going to kill me too? I feel like a target! Remember when lawyers couldn't advertise on TV? Ah the good old days. 


barb said...

I just want to say..thanks for your posts. You are one of only a few "contacts" I have in my isolation day...ha,ha...Believe it or not, your day is more interesting than mine.....

Carol and Bill said...

Oh my goodness - we really had an interesting day yesterday but will write about it later. Hang in there.

Jackie McGuinness said...

We seem to be faring better in groceries, can find almost everything except yeast, but that is a world problem.

Jigsaws are sold out everywhere so I have been doing them online.

We did get a rebate on car insurance.