Saturday, April 25, 2020

One we didn't like

Well our first hot day, into the 90's today. The AC is working good. I was busy this morning cleaning things I've neglected. Like my little piggy collection in the kitchen window. But they are all sparkly clean now. So is the top of the refrigerator and a few other things. 
Our Hello Fresh meal last night. 
Everything but the salt and pepper came with it. Nice produce. 
Our finished meal, it looks different 'cause I didn't put the spicy chili sauce on it. It was okay, but will not order it again. Lots of prep work and I guess the chili sauce was to give it flavor. But I will eat the left over tonight - as this is a No Cookie Night. 
Finished the 300 piece round puzzle in a couple of hours. They are quick and fun.
Well today I am doing a practice on the necklace. First I sorted out some of the colors I'm going to use for the flowers. They are in little cups so I don't lose them. My beading table has green floor carpet on it, keeps the beads from rolling on to the floor if I drop some. 
My set up - Large beading table. Lots of beads in tubes and containers. My beading lamp and I pulled the wooden blinds up for more light.  I put the beads I'm working with on the maroon piece of cloth. And rest my feet on the containers under the table. They are full of beads! The clown picture on the wall is one of my Mothers paintings. 
These are hanging in the window, can't really see them in the picture above. I made them years ago when I was taking stained glass lessons. 
 So her is what I did today. Just practice. Need to draw a templet of the flowers so I get the flowers with out spaces between the petals. From one petal to the other I forgot which center bead to go through. So all of this will be ripped out. 
 My working set up. The cups of colors, some beads for flower I'm working on on the cloth and a blown up picture of the necklace so I can count beads. 
Maybe I'll use some bigger beads to practice with. Easier to hang on to and work with. Not going to be a quick project. 
And that about what happened today. 


Mark said...

The beads are nice and all, but I have a much more pressing issue. A no cookie night. Say it isn't so..... That just doesn't seem right.

SandyM said...

Will stay tuned for the finished necklace!
I think your dinner looked delicious and better presented then the one on the container. Sauce on the side is always good.

Carol and Bill said...

Mark - nope Bill had to fend for himself for dinner. Today I will feed him.
AND I'm gong to bake cookies - for the first time in years.
SandyM - the sauce was muy HOT. it will take me a while to figure out the flowers, but I have lots of time.

Barb said...

I am with Mark! No such thing here as a "no cookie night"! Lol!

Can't wait to see how your necklace turns out!