Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Curtains are up

Got up about 6 o'clock this morning.Why do I get up so early when the days are so long...Bill had been up since about 3 o'clock so he went back to bed when I got up. I make noises when I sleep - check out  Catathrenia - and it is so bad that if he wakes up in the middle of the night he can't get back to sleep so he just stays up. 
Anyway when he went back to sleep I started to work on my curtains. By the time he got up they were done and ready to be put up. So here he is putting them up.
Those are stained glass sun catchers in the window and the outside awning.
Ta Da - with the wood blinds closed. Which they never are during the day. I think they are cute. 
A close up of the valance.
Also finished this puzzle. I love the colors in it now that it is done. Lots of different shapes and shades. Kind of fun. 
We also brought the RV over to the house and did the cleaning it needed done. And put all the stuff we brought in the house to wash, repair, replace back in it. 
Then took it over to it's new parking sport - for a month. It is about a block and a half from our home. 
Then we got home and I thought I'd have some lunch - IT WAS ONLY 10:30! How could that be I checked a couple of clocks to make sure my watch wasn't wrong. Nope. 
So I cooked the rest of the zucchini that we got when I messed
up my order. 
Then went on line still looking for computer paper and margarine. Walmart has, suppository, the computer paper but no one has the margarine.
Read for a while and signed up to join a Facebook page for the community we live in. 
Then decided to cook one of the eggplants we have. Did them in the oven, turned out pretty good. 
Watched a couple of TV shows and now doing this.  I was going to mop the floors, but decided to leave it for tomorrow. Such exciting decisions I have to make these days. 
I am kind of thinking of trying to make one of these necklaces I saw in Mazatlan this winter. A lot of work in it and need to figure out how it is done. Just a thought. 
At least the wind here has stopped blowing for a while. And tomorrow it is going to start to warm up again. 


Kathy Tycho said...

I started mouth taping 3 years ago so Eric wouldn't keep elbowing me at night. Vaseline on my lips and a piece of paper,easy to remove medical tape. Should I have a breathing issue at night it would just pop off. Plus we both wear silicone, swimmers ear plugs. When we were young we were so tired at night and slept so sound that neither one of us ever woke up. Times change😉

SandyM said...

Your finished window valance looks good - it is a happy print for your sewing room and Bill did a good job of putting it up.

Wish it would warm up - we had a few snow (4letterword) flurries this morning. Hope it is warmer your way - no shorts or sandals for us.a

Carol and Bill said...

Kathy - don't think I could use the tape - I'd freak out. Bill just goers in the other room to sleep.
Sandy - thank you, yes he is handy to have around. It has been in high 60's and low 70's here for a while. But next week it is supposed to hit 86 - so far only one 80 degree day this year.