Saturday, April 4, 2020

New Way of Life

Didn't post yesterday just because I was too lazy and got involved with my puzzle - it is coming together pretty good - and also with watching recorded shows of The Closer.
I had put in an on-line order with Walmart. It was to be delivered at 10:00 a.m. About 10 to 10 I got an email that out of my order of 47 items, 3 were unavailable - computer paper, flour, and a flavored cream cheese. One was substituted - foam plates instead of paper.  Not long after reading that email our phone rang the delivery driver was at the gate. Gave him code and directions. A couple of minutes later he pulled up. Bill waiting in the garage , can just see the nose of his car. Notice sanitizer and gloves.
Bill is also wearing one of the masks I made.
 Just part of the delivery. Driver was very polite and did not venture any further into the garage than he had to. He also with our permission signed for the delivery.
 Bill emptying bags and sanitizing each and every item, except some produce. Don't want alcohol flavored grapes! He wouldn't let me near anything until it was sanitized.
 Walmart did charge for delivery and we added a tip for the driver. I ordered some things from the health section, some kitchen items - dish cloths - and a curtain rod - so I can make my curtains for the sewing room. So if you order from Walmart you can order from the whole store, not just groceries. One strange thing - I wanted some I Can't Believe Its Not Butter - it was available BUT only for in store shopping. So will keep trying to get it with out going in a store. Very pleased with service.
Also spent some time making more personal masks. We now each have three.
Did not cook one of our new meals last night - but will tonight. And that's about it for us.
The cactus and roses are blooming like crazy this year.
 Have never seen this many blooms on this type of cactus before.
 And look at this guy.
The hardest thing for me is keeping my hands off my face. 


Barb said...

Enjoy the beauty around you!

I don't think any of us realized how much we touch our faces! Hard to remember not to!

Unknown said...

I have allergies so I use a tissue to touch my face. I can see washing my hands not touching my face as much being happy at home ect. Even when we are back to normal. Whenever that will be.

Jackie McGuinness said...

It sure is a crazy time!

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie you guys seem to be keeping busy.