Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter

Easter sunrise over the desert

Well had another delivery from WalMart. Scheduled to arrive between 9 - 10. He was here at 9:15. Just before 9 o'clock I got an email from WalMart telling me there was no computer paper and no chicken breasts. And that they'd made 8 substitutions. All but one substitution were like items, just a different size - mostly larger. Canned fruit cocktail instead of apricots - not my favorite. Manderinas instead of Clementines and iceberg lettuce instead of romaine.  So now have three heads of iceburg. Sure hope the produce bags we bought keep them good long enough to eat. I managed to screw up my order myself for a couple of things. Thought I'd removed a couple items but got them anyway. And ordered tomatoes a couple of times I guess, because now we have a LOT of tomatoes. So all in all very happy with order. Delivery person was masked, as was Bill who also wore gloves. 

He, Bill, sprays everything down with disinfectant then brings it in when it is dry. Won't let me out near it. 
Watched an I-NASCAR race. My favorite driver is no good at i racing or is it e racing. Anyway he ended up many laps down. But it is fun to watch. 
Continue to work on my colorful puzzle. Getting there little by little. 750 pieces.
 Cooked some hard eggs but didn't boil them, cooked them in the oven. We'll see how that works out. 
Fixed an Easter dinner - one of the Hello Fresh meals - Chicken, honeyed carrots and mashed potatoes. 
How ours looked.  Guess I should have spread it out a little more. It was delicious. Oven roasted carrots, mashed potatoes with garlic and chives and chicken breast with lemon, garlic, and seasonings sauce. That is lemon zest sprinkled over it. 
Just before dinner we had a heavy thunder storm pass through. Smells so nice out now. 


SandyM said...

Carol and Bill, Happy Easter!
Beautiful sunrise photos.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank You. Hope you had a good day too.