Sunday, April 26, 2020

One survived one didn't

A really nice Sunday. Mostly.  Bill had bought a new tablet to use with his drones. To make it work five apps have to be downloaded to it in a certain sequence. Well the other day when I was setting it up I forgot the first app. Didn't realize it and we have been fooling with the d--n tablet for a week trying to get it to work. Last night I reset it to factory reset. This morning I went through the whole process of loading all the apps. [This is when I realized I'd forgotten the File Manager app - whoops.] Any way all done and now is working. 
Not so good for the big drone that fell from the sky. Bill tried to see if he could fix it.  Nope too broken. He spent a couple of hours working on it. 
While he was working on it I made a potato yeast and peanut butter cookies. The yeast - will know tomorrow morning if it is working or not. 
So I had to boil potatoes to get the potato water for the yeast. Bill likes a potato salad his mother used to make. It has potatoes, carrots, peas and beets in it. ICK. So didn't want to waste the potatoes. I got everything out for him and he assembled it. Last time I made it for him in Mazatlan it made him sick...So he was on his own today. 
 He is putting it together. 
 Not my cup of tea. Lots of beets in it. 
My cookies. A couple of grocery orders ago I'd ordered a small jar of peanut butter to make peanut butter bread - which I didn't like - but the store substituted a BIG jar of peanut butter. So now that I had it and flour I made the cookies. YUM! I don't think I've made them since the kids all moved out. Followed the recipe on the Jif jar. 
By then it was time to watch the NASCAR irace on TV. My driver is the green car on the left. He finished 8th. Finally learning how to use the gaming equipment. 
Later on during the day while Bill was "reading his book" I worked on the necklace. I am crossed eyed -  flower with a mistake. 
 All I got done today, Working on the middle strand.  It has about 9 flowers on it. There are 11 strands all together. Each one gets shorter. Still having problems with where the vine comes out of the flower. 
 Just a few of the beads. The next two or three times I vacuum I will hear little clinks as beads to into it. Can't find them on the carpet on the floor. And they are easy to knock on the floor or lose them off the needle. 
Had a real Sunday dinner today. Another Hello Fresh.  
 Takes about 30 - 35 minutes to prepare and cook. All I had to add were salt, pepper, olive oil, and a tsp of sugar. No serving plates just dish it right up. No I'm not that fat it is the stripes going around me that make me look fat. My story and I'm sticking to it. Notice the short haircut. 
 And our dinner. Very good. Have one more left for this week and skipping next week. 
Also working on another Kincaid puzzle 500 pieces - of course, all the same colors. Will share it tomorrow. So we managed to pass another day - the next few days we'll be glad to be inside with the AC on. No walks unless I get out there really early. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Glad to see you are keeping busy! We are still waiting for our weather to turn consistently nice. That should be about June!! Just seems worse when we are stuck around doing nothing. But all for a good cause.

Stay well you two crazy kids!!

SandyM said...

Cookies and dinner both look delicious! Carol, is potato yeast similar to a sour dough starter that you need to "feed" every few days or is it make a batch use it and make another batch when you need more yeast? Don't think I even knew about potato yeast....must google that!

Carol and Bill said...

Nancy - tired of keeping busy. Got four flowers made for necklace and had to quit - made 6 mistakes on last one. grrrrr. Did get out early and get a mile walk in. Guess I'll read and mop floor.
SandyM - well yeast didn't turn out right - just dumped it. Next time I boil potatoes I'll try it again. It is almost the same, just different taste I guess.

Phil said...

Two weeks ago I was buying soup, and turned around and saw shoe-string beets. My Dad loved a salad made of them, shredded cheese and mayonnaise. So I bought a couple of cans. I haven't seen shoe-string, or diced beets for at least 7 or 8 years. How nice to find some. A great salad for hot days.