Sunday, April 19, 2020

My kind of exersize.

Such a busy and exciting day so far. I did look out the window real early and decided the sunrise was not nice enough to get dressed and go out for. So went back to bed for a while.
When I did get up the bunny was out back. They are so cute, until they start nibbling on our flowers. 

 Yesterday Bill spent some time putting a new covering on one of his drones. Looks kind of spiffy. The two things in front of it are extra batteries. Heaven forbid they don't match. 
Got another grocery delivery from WalMart. One substitution and 3 did not haves - parsley???, romaine lettuce, and of course, flour. I like that they keep us up to date where the delivery is - and when it will be here. It was scheduled between 9 - 10 and got here at 9:15.
Oh Yes! - Did get my mop - still no swifter wet jet refills - so going to have to actually MOP the floor - WITH A MOP!.
 And such excitement we got our computer paper - took ordering it four times. 
Then at 10:00 I got to watch NASCAR iracing on TV. Finally my driver is figuring it out. He finished 5 today. Fun to watch and to listen to the commentary and the drivers. 
Then went for a walk. Made 1 3/4 miles today. More and more of the cactus are blooming in  peoples yards. 
Now here is someone after my own heart. Works for me. 
Bottle brush in full bloom - oh the allergies. 
Not sure what this is but it is pretty. 
The roses are very happy this year. 

 Reminds me of a Hallmark Movie. 
 Pretty sky. 
Lots of snow still on the mountains. In fact they got new snow just a day or two ago.  
 Another cactus flower. 
And I think I am even going to cook dinner tonight ...
I did actually cook dinner Paella with chicken instead of seafood. I always put it in a very hot oven for a few minutes to make the sides crispy - Bill like it that way. I used a double potholder to move one of the oven racks and IT MELTED TO THE RACK! What the heck kind of pot holder melts in heat? Glad I had it double. Tried to scrub it off the side of the rack but some of it will never come off. 
So enough of today, no plans at all for tomorrow, except started another puzzle. 


gumo said...

I think that is a red tipped Yucca.

Mark said...

Tell Bill I'm waiting to see the drone with the Canadian motive to it. That drone looks really nice. Stay safe my friends.

Jackie McGuinness said...

Roses are spectacular! Can't motivate myself to go for a walk, still cool, also leery of running into people.
No swiffers???? You mean I might have to actually wash my floor?? Still have about 15 left from a Costco box. Dollar store usually has some, at least I was counting on them.
Sure miss my cleaning lady.

Carol and Bill said...

Mark - He'll be glad to do it, as a matter of fact he was thinking of doing it with his next??? drone. So please send me a Mavic2 Pro soon drone and he will personally will decorate it with the Canadian flag and he will put your name on it because you are so dear to us.

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie - I need the liquid refills for the swifter wet jet. I have some of the pads left. Will let you know how the MOPPING goes.

Gumo - I think you are probably right - should have taken picture of whole plant.

Grandma on the Road said...

For the Swiffer pads, just go to a hardware and get a box of blue paper shop towels. They are stronger than paper towels and easier to get right now. If you get the right size, you can put them on your Swiffer mop, I think. I put them on my dry Swiffer mop and just dampen then with a little cleaner and they work great! I think they are cheaper also.

I got a huge box because that was all they had and have been using them to wipe off my water hose and electrical cord before I put them away.