Friday, April 10, 2020

Never fear we are still here!

The days just kind of blend together and even though they are now 48 hours long I don't seem to get too much done. By the time I remembered I hadn't blogged it was here I am today. 
I finally finished the Kincaid puzzle.  They are pretty when they are done.
After I put it back in its bag I did Another Kincaid, a round one, only 300 pieces. Got it done in a couple of hours. So quick in fact I forgot to take a picture of it. They all kind of look the same anyway.
But then I decided I wanted to do something colorful so I got out one of the Under Sea puzzles. Until I started to put the pieces on the table I didn't realize it was 750 very bright colorful pieces. Here it is. 
 What it will eventually look like. 
I spent some time yesterday on line looking for all purpose flour for baking. I finally found a company who would ship a case 8 bags of 2 pounds each. $37. Then I went to check out - $79!!! the shipping cost more then the flour. So didn't order it. Still can't get any around here. 
An on-line friend Who lives along found an article about a woman who had the virus and she also lives alone. It was very interesting and informative. Click Here to read it. Thanks Judy. 
Also I will again recommend the YouTube video by Dr David Price.  Click Here to read it. Kind of takes some of the fear away. 
We have had some excitement around here. Went up to get our mail the other day and found this.  Strangely enough our mailbox is in the only group not vandalized - it is under the blue arrow. So we are still getting our mail - kind of. The other groups have to go to the post office a couple of miles away to pick up their mail. 
Bill was expecting a package to be delivered when he didn't get it he checked and discovered it was being delivered by the United States Postal Service - crap. And they took it back to the PO. So I called Customer Service and spoke to a very nice lady. I told her about the vandalism and We were both in our 80's and din'[t feel we should be bopping around the city. She agreed that we shouldn't and the solution was to have the mail person bring the package to our door. (It is a car cover so would not fit in our own box, it had to go into the big package boxes at the right side of the picture. She would contact our post office and let them know. A while later I got an email from our post office saying they got the information. Okay all's good - nope. Today they delivered it and put it in one of the big package boxes. They then put the key to that box in our mail box. Good. Nope, not good. Bill put the key into the lock and it does not work. Seems like the vandals probably screwed with the locks. So emailed the PO but haven't heard back from them. Will try to catch the mail person tomorrow to see if they can open the box. Oh well something to occupy our time. At least we are getting our regular mail. Wonder where security was and how they got in here to do that? Any why?
Still trying to get margarine from the store, still not paper napkins either. 
Bill spent most of yesterday repairing his drone that he broke a leg off of in Mazatlan. When he tried to use it put up the Christmas lights...The place where he would take it to fix is either closed or out of business. He looked on line for how to do it. Quite complicated it turned out. But all fixed now. 
Oh one more thing. Got our Hello Fresh delivery yesterday late so fixed one of the meals tonight. Very very good.
Chicken pineapple quesadilla.
Their picture. 
Our meal. It was so good and something I would have never thought to fix. 
And that is our exciting life. I love that everything comes in the box and is always fresh.


Unknown said...

I really think your pictures of the food are better than what they show its suppose to look like. Your really good at presentation. Kudos !

Kathy Tycho said...

Here in northern BC we can get pretty well anything we want and it's delivered by our daughter or grand children who dont want us out shopping. Small town living.

Carol and Bill said...

I just put the food on the plates like in their pictures. Part of why it is so fun to cook them. Different then things I would ordinarily fix and they look good preplated.
Kathy - We don't want to go to the stores here in Vegas, I am starting to like the delivery service. However still lots of things not available. Weird things, like paper napkins and margarine...Always a surprise to see what we will actually get.