Thursday, April 2, 2020

More new Meals and a fire in The Wetlands

Spent part of the morning sewing. I am so out of practice. Any way managed to get four face masks sewn. Messed up the blue one, got the white one right. Needed to read the directions before I sewed. 
 Made two of these first as they are supposed to be better. But very uncomfortable to wear. Not sure where to put bottom tie. If I put it on my head it slips down, if I put it around my neck I freak out. 
Had bottom tie around my neck here. In about two minutes I can't breath - I am very claustrophobic. Looks like I need to spend some time on my hair. 
 I got frustrated so I took about a half hour/one mile walk. 
Went up by where the RV is stored. When Bill parked it the middle RV wasn't there. Don't know why they didn't make the spaces a foot wider. There is plenty of room at the end. 
 Saw this pretty cactus in bloom.
 One of our bushes in back yard is blooming. 
Found out from the news this morning that there was a fire in the Wetlands Park behind our house. Burned about 10 acres and one of the foot bridges. About 11:30 last night. Never heard a thing. Though before I went to bed the wind was howling.
If you see my Facebook page you saw the picture of the Canadian Geese strolling down the middle of Las Vegas Blvd right ion The Strip. If you didn't see Click Here to see it. It is a video. 
Filled the hummingbird feeders yesterday. One of the birds was flying around on the patio wondering why they were empty. So full now. 
Got our Hello Fresh meals today. 
Tonight we are going to have "Mushroom Penne with Truffle Cream Sauce" No idea how it will taste. Other two meals are more normal - Bruschetta Chicken and Chicken sausage Spaghetti Bolognese. Everything but the meat is in the bags. 
 The mushroom penne with truffle cream sauce picture on recipe card. 
 All the ingredients. Including dressing for the green salad. Only had to add some salt and pepper.
 My dinner plate. I added the salad to the plate. Sorry it is fuzzy in a hurry to eat. If the wonderful taste was from the truffles, I've been missing out all these years. First time I ever had Truffle Zest.
Tomorrow morning at 10:00 we are supposed to get a delivery from Walmart. Will see how that goes. 

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