Thursday, April 23, 2020

Yesterday is done and gone

Yesterday was not a good day for either of us. Nothing wrong with me except I just felt boxed in. I know, join the club. So spent most of the day feeling sorry for my self and doing nothing.
But then I had to feel sorry for Bill. First his shaver quit working. He has two of them and neither worked. So ordered new one from Walmart.
Then he went outside to check out one of his drones. He hadn't used it in a while. Well he isn't going to use it any more. It dropped out of the sky. Kaboom. As near as we can figure the battery wasn't in tight and it came loose, lost connection and every thing came straight down. The actual drone wasn't too damaged but its very good camera was in pieces. No fixing it.
And this morning he told me he'd worked on his shavers and got them working again.
I decided I needed to to find something to occupy myself so cleaned house. Vacuumed real good and then using my new Swiffer liquid refill - I mopped the floors. Then dusted some things. And by then it 15 to 9...arrrg
So I took a walk. Way down at the end of the area we live in is a huge cactus that I wanted to check to see if it was blooming yet. So off I went. Stopped and took a picture of this. One house has about 10 rocks with these lights along their property line. The reflections are really neat.
 Much to my surprise only a couple more blooms on the cactus. Guess I'll have to keep checking on it.
 I just liked the green trees against the bright blue sky.
 I could hear a machine running but took me a while to discover where it was coming from. Trimming the trees. Some people are still working it seems.
 Thought I'd take another picture of the mountain, won't be snow on it much longer. Today it is supposed to be near or at 90 and up to 100 within the week.
 I did do a puzzle yesterday only 300 pieces - got it done while listening to the nightly news. Forgot to take a picture of it. All pretty tropical fish. Any ways, this is what our table looks like without a puzzle on it. I really need to come up with a project of some sort to do.
Just got our Hello Fresh meals delivered. But have already had an early. Got one I don't think I ordered. But who knows maybe I did. Will let you know how they are. 


gumo said...

Maybe you both would enjoy a day trip up into the mountains. A nice diversion.

Doug and Nancy said...

I was thinking the exact same thing! Every time you show that mountain I wonder if you can drive up to it for a day's outing. What is up there?

Great minds think alike. Maybe?

Carol and Bill said...

gumo - we keep talking about going for a drive, but don't do it.
Nancy - what is up there? Lots of snow. It is a nice drive. Some where up there are the ski runs and there is a decent restaurant but its not open yet.