Monday, December 19, 2022

The past few days...

We haven't done too much the past few days. Mostly watching the World Cup games. 



The weather has taken a cool turn and will stay that way for a while. Really cooling down at night. But then it has been down to below freezing in Vegas at night, so shouldn't complain. And I don't know how they figure the wind speed cause it is really blowing here. 

The vegetable/fruit truck passing through. Makes it handy when we just need a couple of things and don't feel like driving to the market. 
There are several of us parked in the back for the winter, every one now has some Christmas lights up. There are nine of us here in the back for the winter and two more came in today for a couple of weeks. Us and the RV right behind us. 
Looking south there are five RVs all with lights. 
Yesterday we had a late lunch at Torres. Bill wanted a hamburger and I had a BLT. Then we made a short trip to Walmart. The waves were pretty high and the wind was blowing enough the umbrellas were down. 
This morning I took a walk. Got in 2.4 miles in exactly an hour. Luckily on the way back the wind was blowing on me so it didn't feel quite so hot.  I wonder why this area got cleaned up. It looks way too small to build any thing on. 
Just liked the little flowers and the different shades of green. The new leaves are a much lighter and brighter color. 
I was walking on a very little used side walk. There were a couple of these nice tile designs on it. Never know when you are going to see something pretty or interesting here.
Just before I turned around to head home I came upon this big empty lot. Guess something else is going to be built here. Less and less jungle around here. 
Can you see the stair case? It does have a guard rail, but it is glass. Don't think I'd go up this. 
Hum...a light house out in the middle of a field. Well not really there is an inlet from the ocean there. See the sail boat masts. Looks funny though. 
Colorful pretty buildings and buildings that have been under construction (or I should say not construction) for a few years. 
Always watch where you are walking. These wires just pop out of the ground and go through a broken plastic pipe. Easy to trip over. 
Okay is the palm tree for sale? 
I like the halo lights. They are now all over the city and they give off quite a bit of light. Besides looking pretty.
Colorful plants.
Heading towards home, always welcome the shade.
Starting to get tired when I got to here. But stopping and inhaling the smell of freshly mown grass perked me up. I love that smell. Don't get to enjoy it much in Vegas.
A while ago we took the Jeep to the car wash. Only waited 40 minutes this time. Last time it took over an hour. It is a popular car wash and they just about detail the car. So worth the wait. They take the floor mats out and wash them. Every crevice is cleaned inside and out. Great job US $15. 
Then we stopped at La Antigua for lunch. Always good. 
A couple pages from their menu. 

And that is about it for now. Might cook again tonight. Warms up RV when the wind is blowing. 


Mark said...

I was looking at where you were walking to see if I knew where you were. Got it figured out.

Carol and Bill said...

From here south to the bottom of the first bridge.