Saturday, May 21, 2016

Home in Vegas now

This was our trip. 1045 miles. Our biggest expense this time was campgrounds. We basically had to take what we could find. But that's okay. We accomplished what we wanted to do - see how we like the new RV. Mixed emotions about it. 

Balancing rocks. 

So much to do when we get home even from short trips. Finally got Jayco back in storage yard. Weather here has cooled off. Will be in low 80s and high 70s for a week or so. Love that. 
I have two doctor appointments on Monday and we both have one on Tuesday. I am getting real tired of all theses tests and no answers.  


SandyM said...

That is a beautiful area - you have some lovely pictures - hope you have many years of travel in your Jayco.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you. We plan on going back there when we have more time to just explore.

NormSusan said...

Mixed emotions??? I liked both your motorhomes and wonder if you will post your opinion about the differences, likes and dislikes.

Carol and Bill said...

still figuring them out. but it is hard to go from big to smaller. didn't realize how much the Alfa had, until I started missing it in the Jayco. More about it at a later time.

Contessa said...

I think it would be very difficult to downsize. Not sure that I could do it, much too spoilt with all my space and the number of things I can carry with me.

Great photos.

Carol and Bill said...

We hope to do more traveling in the coming years. And in MX some of the campgrounds just don't lend themselves to the big RV that need so much electricity. Even going to national parks here in the US - many are limited to 30' or less. We'll see how it works out.