Friday, May 13, 2016

Monument Valley late afternoon

We drove into Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park yesterday a couple hours before sunset. Every direction we looked there was something more spectacular to see. So I'm basically just going to post pictures with some comment here and there. I think I mentioned there is a $20 fee to get in, the pass is good for four days. Heading up the road towards the entrance and hotel.

A sign of the times I guess. This is on the building where you pay to go in.
Just another view of the desert. Red rocks, blue sky and green vegetation. What more could one ask for. The rock on the left is East Mitten. That is the Jeep's nose driving out the road. Today he looks kind of pinkish. Lots of dust in the air from the traffic.  

Here are East Mitten and West Mitten and a Navajo women set up to sell jewelry.

A better view of West Mitten - and of all the lawyers in the rocks.

Just the gravel, here for a stretch, and more scenery.

Saw some horses running along the road. My guess is they are not wild just free range.

He made it to the top of the mound. There are two more to the left of the mound.

And another one down the road a bit.

More scenery. Hope you don't get tired of it. As I type this I am listening to Navajo flute music.

I wonder if the people who live around here even see the beauty of this any more. Talk about seeing forever. This is from "John Ford's Point." The classic scene from many of his movies. His first film here was Stagecoach.

Bill admiring the view.

The view without Bill. When we were at this particular place there were about six tour trucks here. So it was hard to get scenery minus people. Mostly European and Asian. Here in the campground about half of the RVs are rentals.
Just scenery 
 In 1958 the Navajo Tribe decided they didn't want the land developed so they made it a Tribal park. The park was dedicated in 1950. So glad they did that.
 In the back ground is Totem Pole area.

A closer look at Totem Pole area. Can see why it got it's name.
 Kind of like a monster face here.
 Willie waiting patiently for me to stop taking pictures and get back in to go further.
A mushroom.
 Love this rock I see all kinds of figures in it.
 Two tall skinny Ancient ones having a conversation.
 An Indian women sitting on the ground with her blanket around her shoulders.
 This one is harder to see. I see a Spanish soldier with his tall metal helmet. His shoulder and uniform are 3D.
And I'm going to stop here 'cause I imagine it's getting tiring - so much red rock. The pictures don't do it justice. I have a lot more to share. And we went back this morning just after sunrise. Looked so different.


Contessa said...

Fabulous photos but we would have to dry camp at those prices.

SandyM said...

Such a lovely place and you have great photos

Carol and Bill said...

We have to get another battery in the new RV before we do any dry camping.

Carol and Bill said...

it is such a serene place - especially in the evening and early morning when all the tourists aren't there.