Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Walking and watching

A whole lot of construction still going on around here. They were working in the street, across the street and right next door. 
To get a way from it all yesterday afternoon Bill and I went for a walk in The Wetlands. The weather was perfect for a walk, not too hot and a slight breeze. Green in the desert.
We walked out to the pond I'd seen the other day. This time Bill noticed fish in the pond. This was about a 24" Koi fish. Couldn't get a good picture of him as he swam under the dock just as we got there. 
Just looking out over the pond. There was a turtle out there swimming around, but couldn't focus on him fast enough. 
Love the sounds of water falls - even if they are small. 
Some kind of water fowl. There were two of them. 
Just different colored bushes and plants and a swift moving creek.

Another small pond. All of this is less than 1/4 mile from our house. 
Turning around and looking the other direction. Amazing what water can do for the landscape. 

Well, look who is here. Enjoying the sun. 
On towards home and the noise. 
One of the perks of the community is a key to the gate to the wetlands. Hate to cross back through. Two big cement mixers sitting on this street waiting to go somewhere. Turned out one was coming right in front of our house. 
Did I ever mention that we have a Black palm tree. At one time, before we lived here,  it was burned so the  entire trunk except for the very top is coal black. And it didn't kill it. 
No cooking today, eating leftovers. 
The other new home got put in today. Surprised they could do it with all the other trucks on the street. 


Tioga George said...

Hi Carol and Bill,

I get a kick reading your posts. You always find interesting things to write about, and take pics of!


Carol and Bill said...

Some times it is a challenge to find things to write about or to photograph!
Sounds like you are going to have a busy time in the future.

Contessa said...

How wonderful to have the wetlands so close to your home. Looks like a lovely place to walk.