Saturday, February 10, 2018

A drone kind of day

It was a beautiful day so we headed out to Torres for breakfast - and horrors...their waffle iron had broken. They'd just got a new one - phew! But not the same kind. The old one made 3/4 inch high waffles, the new one is about 1/4 inch thick. Tastes okay but not the same. The waiter had me fill out a comment form to complain. I will miss the waffles!
Left there and went to the marina for a bit. Bill had his drone out.  
These are my pictures. Looking at some of the boats in the marina.
 More boats on the other side of the road. 
 Bill watching his tablet seeing how high the drone is and what it is seeing.
And these are Bills. A little different view. A lot of empty slips this year. See the golf course in the upper right corner. 
 There is a little round island type piece of land. It is private and you need to go through a guarded gate to get in. They wouldn't let us in. So getting a look at what we missed. South is to the top left.
 Moving a little to the north. 
 The RV park is at bottom of the check mark. North is to the upper right of the picture.
 Looking a little more east now. Lots of private homes on the water ways.
 The Golden Zone on the left side of the picture. Lots of big hotels.

 Coming down for a landing.

A short video of Mazatlan from the Marina. He was up about 400 feet at the highest.

After leaving the marina we headed towards the Malecon. Traffic was really heavy. The big Carnaval parade is tomorrow, Sunday 
night. Mind you we were here before noon on Saturday.  Chairs being set out for the parade. And tents too. 
 A bunch of colorful chairs. 
 More tents and canopies. The entire length of the parade route. 
 Some even in the center divider. 
Very few bleachers this year. Guess there just wasn't time to build them when the parade route was finally set and the Malecon cleaned up and opened.
We stopped and Bill took his drone up, but will save for tomorrow. 
I can't believe I forgot that there was NASCAR practice today. #18 was fastest in first practice. Races tomorrow. 

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Love the drone photos!