Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Still around the Malecon and Golden Zone

More pictures from our day on the Malecon. A bunch of bikers using the new bike path. And they were moving out. Walkers need to stay on the sidewalk. 
Looking over the sea wall onto the sand by Valentino's.  I guess they still harvest oysters on the rocks there as he was sitting in a pile of shells.
Just a couple of pano shots where we were standing. Looking south.
Looking north
Bill talking to one of the many "Official Mayor" people. They are around to give the tourists help and information.
The fruit man making a sale. The water is much colder this year than in the past. 
Looking across the street at a hotel. Inexpensive 450 pesos a night for two people. About 24.50 US dollars a night. 
Took a short drive through the Golden Zone. Never know what might be in the street in front of you.
A banner for a mango distillery. 
Oops, it wasn't open on Sunday.
Back home our garden is growing, now has a banana plant. 
Sunday night we went to a birthday party for our friend Roberto. It was at his home and very well attended. A small portion of the people there. 
 Roberto standing up, his son behind him.
 Even live music. Very fun and nice evening.
Monday we went to El Quelite. Again it was packed we forgot it was a holiday. Every time we've gone to El Quelite I've seen this older man and his donkey. He is harvesting the weeds next to the road. This time I had my camera out looking for him. 
 These guys are showing off.
 Oops, he is upside down. A drain for the church roof. 
 Just a couple of the small older homes in El Quelite.
 We stopped at the warehouse where the white beans are sorted.

Only three people working today. They pour the  beans on the table and then sort through them taking out the weeds, stones and bad beans. 

 Bill trying his hand at it. 
 Almost home. A strange sight for the middle of the day. fog moving in. This is a big hotel and only the top was visible. 
Today we went to centro and the Malecon is completely open to traffic in both directions. More on that later. 


SandyM said...

We enjoy your posts and you always have such interesting pictures. The photo of the RUI (?) is most interesting. Great news about the Malecon being open - so the parades for Carnaval will be able to go that way?

Carol and Bill said...

parade and festivities are a go. some bleachers going up.