Friday, February 9, 2018

Many landscapes of Mazatlan

After heavy rain last night today turned out to be beautiful. Lots of blue sky. This post will be all over the place as I'm grabbing pictures from a couple of days. 
Back to the Malecon being open. The center still needs landscaping, here the people are sweeping and cutting down weeds. 
 Still painting and putting down tiles. I bet that after Carnaval parts of the Malecon will be closed again to really finish it. 
 Trimming the tree I think. Somehow this doesn't look to safe. 
 We went to the area to see the divers again, but this day it the road was closed off by a police car. The police man kept telling us to turn left, but we wanted to go straight. So Bill pulled right up to the police man and told him Mark lived in the condos right across from the divers. So he waved us through. No idea why the road was closed, except for maybe they were building stages around the corner. 
Couldn't resist taking this picture. Too bad I didn't think to have Bill and Mark and the vendor put their heads above these. They are t-shirts. 
 Heading back towards town more ladders up against palm trees. They are trimming them with a machete 
 A picture of the Jeep and RV - The graphics are different shapes but same colors. Except for the original black and gray ones on the RV.
 The birds have managed to break a lot of the sticks Bill drilled into the bread//fruit tree. So here he is adding more. Have to have enough so they can share.
 All ready to put out breakfast.
Buses lined up in the supermarket parking lot. Lots and lots of people in town for Carnaval. 
This morning Gilberto, the young man who painted the eagle on the jeep, came over to look at the hood of the RV. He looks pretty intense, no idea what Bill told him he wants done. Will find out next week when he comes back to paint.
 More and more plants being planted in our garden. The poinsettias won't grow here so they remain in pots until we leave or they die.
Lots of huge white clouds building up next to the mountains behind us.  
 Just after I took that picture we decided to take a drive north along the ocean. A good look at the clouds.  Strange looking funnel 
 We took this road because I wanted some rocks for our garden. Didn't find any, just rough dirt road and dust covered plants. 
 Several homes built along the road but a lot of them are now empty and abandoned. Just one of them. It was a big and at one time a pretty place. 

Looking towards the Cerritos area where the fishermen come in and where I bought my t-shirt about the wall. 
 From Cerritos looking back at where I took the picture above. Lots of people out on the beach today. 

Just a stack of colorful t-shirts for sale. The green one is a Juan Deere shirt.  
 A music group playing for the people having lunch in one of the restaurants in Cerritos. 
And that is about all we've done the last few days. We are pretty much staying on our north side of town as all the Carnaval festivities are on the south end of town in the Centro Historico. 

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Contessa said...

Rain! We never had a drop at all. If you want rocks come to Stone Island!