Wednesday, February 7, 2018

El Quelite and Mazatlan bits and pieces

A few more pictures from our latest trip to El Quelite. Watching all the tourists going by. 
We did some walking in El Quelite this time. A strange looking plant. 
Another one of the different cacti growing in El Quelite. 
 Mimosa tree in bloom. Such pretty flowers
Just an old abandoned home. See the cactus on the roof. 
This home is now getting a second floor. Interesting way of construction. Brick is used now instead of twigs for the roof. 
Another older home with a whole garden of cacti on the roof. 
Looking at the roof from the bottom. Original construction using the twigs as support for the tile. 
Willie's "special" parking place in El Quelite
He's got his feathers in a ruffle, all the turkeys were showing aggression that day. 
Even entertainment in the form of a singer. He had a really nice voice. 
Even good dance moves.
And so the end of El Quelite and more of the Mazatlan Malecon. One of the big paper mache statues  on the Malecon for Carnaval. 
The Malecon is now open all the way in both directions. It is all cleaned up but still needs more work after Carnaval. 
Watch where you are walking. 
A boat was in so the divers were diving. But only when a tourist van or bus pulled in and they could collect enough pesos to make it worth while. 
Getting to dive. An then for some reason my video on my camera screwed up. No pictures of the dive.
But here he is getting out of the water. The climb up looks as dangerous as the dive.
Colorful vendor. Lots of baskets. 
And then into Centro to park and walk around some. Some more of the restored and newly painted buildings in Centro. Each different home is painted a different color. 
 Not sure about this one. The upper trim is purple.
 Looks like this one is getting painted. It used to be purple several years and a couple of repaintings ago. 
 And this one stopped all of us in our tracks! the picture doesn't do it justice. It is the brightest yellow I've ever seen. Will try to get a better picture of it one of these days. 
We stopped and had lunch in the Plazuela Machado but will leave that for another day. 

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