Monday, February 19, 2018

Sunday morning going up - Drone shots

Sunday morning the wind wasn't blowing too bad so Bill put the drone in the car and we headed out towards the harbor look out point. Still working on the Malecon. "They" government first said it would be done by March 15th. Now it might not be done for Easter. So what's new?
I've taken many sunset pictures from here. Looking across the street and up the hill. There used to be a house right above the white building with two windows. The only way up to it were many, many stairs. It is finally being torn down. From one of the drone pictures we discovered there is an empty swimming pool in that area too. 
 Bill getting everything ready to fly. One problem is he has to find shade or he can't see what the drone is doing on the tablet he uses to see what it is seeing. Not much shade here. 
Here are some of the pictures he took. I've used AutoStitch to put them together. He was flying between 200 and 400 feet. Up there the wind was a little stronger. 
Looking across the harbor towards Stone Island. Looking south east from look out point. See the big white house in the middle of the bottom of the picture surrounded by grass. Looks like a castle. 
Looking towards the lighthouse and the entrance to the harbor. 
A zoom shot I took of the lighthouse. The drone doesn't have a zoom. It would have to fly right up to the something to make it bigger. 
Looking north towards town, can see some of the bigger hotels on the malecon to the right of the middle hill. This is 10 pictures put together. 
A video from the look out point. You can see the Jeep backed up to the cement area. Then he pan around to the smaller look out and then across the street up on top of the hills. 

From there we headed back towards the Centro Historico to go to the area where the divers are. Parked in the street. Only shade is if he leans into the back of the Jeep. It makes me nervous when I can't see the drone. Once it gets up over 200 feet it is hard to see and you can't hear it either. 
 Well - what are you waiting for. Lets go!
 That's better. Higher, higher!
Ice Box Hill or Radio Tower hill. The Malecon in the left background. Again several photos stitched together. 

One of the divers walking around, the diving platform in the background. We both missed photos of his dive. 
We came to this area to specifically get some pictures of an old bridge on the side of the hill. The bridge. 
 What the bridge/road looked like in the 1920's
I can't see the drone, where is it?  Up there. About 300 feet. Well I sure can't see it. No answer.
Here is a video of the old bridge. Easier to see if it is full screen. You can almost see where the road was on the right side of the bridge. 
Hope you enjoyed it as it took me one hour to get this 2 minute video posted.
One of the vendors.
 Sunday night we went to the Plazuela Machado for dinner and music. Bill and me, John and Jackie and our friend Paco and his wife and teenage daughter. 

 Walking back to the parking lot. So pretty here at night with all the spot lights in the sidewalk. 

 The new lights in the center divider on the Malecon all lit up. 
And then on home after another busy and fun day. 


Nancy said...

Thanks for all you do to share with us- - your time,photos,videos and "guided tours"of your & Bills adventures!
I enjoy them & appreciate it!!
Keep on keeping on- -enjoying life !!

Carol and Bill said...

some days it is kind of like a "job" but I try to keep it interesting.

Unknown said...

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