Thursday, February 22, 2018

End of day one painting RV

This morning, Thursday, it is very cool out and overcast. Gilberto got here around 7:30 and is hard at work as he needs to finish this today. I've already fed the birds and sprinkled soapy water on our garden plants. Some signs of insect work on one of them. So far we've also managed to keep the leaf cutter ants away from them. A of the plants are growing like crazy. Will take pictures later in week. 
This blog will be picture heavy and few words. 
Don't know how I didn't see the shadow when I was taking this but...working on the eagle. 
 Yesterday there was really bright sunlight and it was perfect temperatures with a slight wind.
 Not much explanation needed for most of the pictures. Will try to weed out duplicates as I post.

Checking to make sure he likes what he sees.

 The eagle is really starting to show up. 
 You can see what a beautiful day it was from this picture. 

 Making a template for close up work.

 Working on the feet of the eagle 
 The face and wings are getting details

 Using a template to make detail on the eagles face. 

 And that is the end of the day. The driver's side has more detail when Gilberto got a call and had to call it a day. 
Tomorrow, actually today Thursday, is another day and it will be finished. Then it needs to have a couple or more clear coats on it. 
Again I didn't think about the shadows. Oh well. 
The mural is done, just need a couple of  clear coats. 
If you are not interested in the painting you could go back a couple of years and read about when we were visiting a lot of the less visited areas of Mazatlan. When we were following the Mexican senator. At the end of each post you can continue reading by clicking newer for the next post. Click here to read about those days. I'd forgotten how many places we went.