Monday, February 26, 2018

Encuentro Artesans - Gathering of Artists

Saturday morning I got a late start to feeding  the birds, when I opened the door I found one bird on patio looking at the door and another sitting on the table waiting for me. I didn't get all the bread on the tree before a couple were there on the branches.

Breakfast is ready. 
Our banana plants have a couple new leaves, one on the big one and one on the small one. 
The salmon colored bougainvillea lost most of its pretty colors from the transplant and the strong winds. I'm glad to see it is getting new one. The colors are not flowers they are the leaves of the plant. 
Back to Friday and a bit of Sunday. This big tent is in the parking lot of the Soriana Supermercado where we grocery shop. 
It will be here for a couple of weeks. Lots and lots of vendors inside. From clothing, jewelry, food and decorations etc. Vendors are from all over Mexico and some from other countries in Latin America and Asia.
The inside. Rows of vendors. On the right are alcoholic drinks. Flavors, pineapple, mocha, pistachio and coconut. The  mocha is delicious, when we go back intend to get a bottle. 20% alcohol. on the left jewelry.
Colorful dresses and blouse. It used to be all the blouses like this were hand embroidered. Now most of them are machine embroidered. But still made in the Puebla and Oaxaca areas. 
A wall of wooden crosses. 
Leather items from the Leon area. Bill is checking out some wallets. He ended up buying two. 200 pesos each about 11US dollars each.
Some copper pots and copper jewelry. Don't remember where from. 
Bill liked these big, about 2 1/2 foot - parrots. Very colorful. 300 pesos
Pottery. Dishes and casserole pots, tea pots.

As we walked past here we had to stop! Smelled so good. Bread from San Miguel Allende area. Years ago we had bought a round loaf fresh from the oven. Before we got back to the RV I'd eaten most of it. So we had to get some. Got one loaf, walked to next booth and half the loaf was gone, turned around and bought another one. One for each of us. YUM!

In fact when we took John and Jackie there on Sunday we all bought a couple of loaves. 

This is the size of a loaf. It is a sweet bread and just amazing. 
Beaded jewelry and lotions. 
These lamps were amazing. From Turkey. And expensive the one on the right was 40,000 pesos $2000 US. Made from glass and glass beads. 
He is making jewelry with peoples names. Making the name part with a saw. 
A lace umbrella - US $35.
Just a colorful oil painting I saw, no idea how much or where from. 
Colorful yarn tassels. 
These were amazing. All hand embroidered. Table cloths and runners and place mats. 
Little figures made out of coconuts. 
On Sunday it was really busy in here.
These shoes are made in Columbia. Kind of different. 
More embroidery, wallets, purses and pillow covers. 
I bought this blouse, all hand embroidered. Really nice light weight material. It ties as neck but I left it untied. US $35. If we go back going to look for more. Looks black but it is navy blue. 
After leaving the fair we drove down the Malecon. The painting of the bike path continues. 
 We went up to El Mirador - there used to be a restaurant there, but it is now closed. There still is an amazing view of Mazatlan, Stone Island and the ocean. This old canon is up there. 
 Looking out towards the harbor, the Baja Ferry in port.
 Looking at Stone Island.
Sunday we spent at Las Labradas - the wonderful archaeological site with the carvings on the rocks. Took many, many pictures so need to sort through them. Will write about it another day. Today, Monday we went to breakfast in El Quelite with John and Jackie. Tomorrows blog content. I'm getting behind again, but eventually will catch up. 

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