Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Last day of Carnaval.

Spent a couple of quiet days lately. Except for this guy who suddenly showed up. He sounds like a jack hammer. He was only here one day but from looks of branch it isn't his first time here. 
Our friend Mark returned home to Canada Monday. He left here in 80 degree weather and was greeted with -6 when he got home. Way too cold. It is in the high 60s low 70s in Vegas and that's too cold for Bill. 
Today is the last day of Carnaval. A lot of tourist have already gone home. But we did run into a detour this afternoon when we were trying to get to the market. Some of the floats from Sundays parade were being relocated for today's parade. Had to take a back way into the market. 
Just took a good look at the lenses in my computer glasses, no wonder everything looks blurry. Didn't realize they were so scratched. Guess we'll be making a trip to the optometrist in Centro in the next few days. And we still need to pick up Bill's watches. Hopefully Bills favorite watch will be finally fixed so it doesn't keep loosing time.

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