Monday, February 5, 2018

By the ocean in Mazatlan

Just been lazy for a few days. But here I am again. A couple of times we went into Centro and just walked around. Have already posted lots of pictures from there so will leave them until a day I have nothing else to write about. 
Yesterday, Sunday, we took a drive to Cerritos. We like to watch the fishermen there and check out the small shops and restaurants. A little boat had just come in and the fishermen brought their catch to the man who buys them for the fish markets. The cat checking out the catch. The fishermen had been out for almost 24 hours so they had quite a big catch. The ones in the black box will be bought. 
 The buyer explaining to Bill what he is looking for. The fish he is showing Bill was already dead when caught up in the nets. He can tell because part of the fish had already been eaten away by other fish. 
 Here he is checking the color of the gills, they have to be a light color for him to buy them. If they are dark the fish has been dead too long. 
 All of those will end up in the market. 
 I was watching this vendor cutting up big mangos. He made it look so easy. 

They are all set up ready to buy. They sell them with lime and chili. They looked really good. 

So I got one, no chili or lime. Just mango. Very good. But hard to eat without getting it all over your face.
 I should have got a smaller one. It was really good but couldn't finish it. 
And while there I bought a shirt - the one without the H.
After leaving there we went through town to the beginning of the Malecon. Mainly because I wanted to get a Carnaval 2018 t-shirt and couldn't find any in Cerritos. Luckily Bill found parking right next to a big group of vendors. They used to be set up with tents and umbrellas. Now with the beautification going on they have a brand new building to sell from. 
 I found a shirt, not really what I wanted but got it anyway. Will fringe and bead it when we get home. I still hope to find something more colorful.
We crossed the street to check out the new Malecon. That is Valentino's on the rock. Was surprised to see people on the beach as it wasn't a warm day. A new sea wall, new paving on walkway, new sun shades and a new bike path. Looks nice. Looking north.
 Looking south. New palm trees in the center divider, also new tall things with circles on top. I think they will or do have lights in them. Will have to wait until we go that way at night to know for sure. 
 Hats and sun glasses for sale. A parasailor up in the sky. 
Oh, oh look at what Bill is doing. Pulling out the drone. Vendor with fresh fruit cups and some kind of fried snacks. One of the Carnaval statues in the distance, an elephant with a man standing on its head. Also another colorful MAZTLAN sign. 
 I could not get  a picture of it without some one else in it. As fast as one group left another posed.
 The "Family Monument" - This monument was created to celebrate the beginning of the new millennium. Designed by Antonio López Sáenz, this elegant bronze sculpture depicts the typical Mazatlecan family, while awaiting the new, promising century with a peaceful air.
 Up she/he/it goes.  I was surprised that it didn't attract very much attention. 
A couple of pictures from it. 

Still have more stuff from last week and Sunday but will save it till tomorrow. 


Dayton said...

Loved these pix and comments.
The kitty and the fish is priceless.
The drone pix are also a great add to your blog.
The tech part of the download interests me too.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you.