Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sunset, birds and painting

Last night, Tuesday we met John and Jackie at Torres for dinner. They are staying there. On the grounds of Torres walking towards beach the sunset was interesting.
Especially these clouds.
I think this was the one I posted yesterday, but it deserves another look. 
Raphael was playing and singing, you can hear him in the background. This waiter can resist the music while preparing some drinks for the table behind us. I moved out of my seat partly to take the video and partly because I didn't want to be that close to the flames. Turn on the sound.
This is Raphael playing Malagena. Sorry there is so much background noise as he is great with the guitar.
Bill enjoying himself The guy in the black and white shirt is 86 - he danced almost every dance.
This morning Bill left to pick up Gilberto, the painter, and he left the door open which I guess is a signal to the birds that they will be fed. Well I was busy so didn't jump right up with their food. Pretty soon about eight of them were sitting in a tree, on the patio and on our chairs. What a noise! Tweeting and chattering like crazy. I'm trying to finish the video and am yelling at them to be quiet, wait a minute. I'll be out in a bit. Tweet - tweet - chatter! "Give me a minute," I holler out the door. Finally got the video up and got up to cut the orange and there is a little orange bird right outside the door - like Hurry Up lady. Before I got all the bread on the bread/fruit tree one bird was already eating. So who is crazy me or the birds. Then I have to baby sit for about 15 minutes to keep the big black birds and the chakalakas away so the smaller ones can eat.
All that is left of the oranges when they're done is the peel. 
Finally got a pretty good picture of the RV - no one next to us now. All the gold is the same color but the sun makes all three look different.
The front set up and waiting for Gilberto. I still don't know what will be painted here.
How it looks now.
About 8:30 he started prepping the RV. Had to be washed and then wet sanded to receive the paint.

Gilberto's  equipment, it all fits in his backpack. Thinner, different colors  of paint, his air brushes. The coffee and cup, and the paper towels we supplied. And the bags and paper to protect the areas not to be painted. 
Covering areas not to be painted. Taken through front windshield.
All ready to go. Thinking about where to begin.
I do not know what will be done but this looks like the beginning of flames on the side and door. Very pale yellow.
A closer look, can barely see them. 
Starting on the hood. The weather is about 77 degrees, humidity 73 and dew point 66 - so it is sticky out. However there is an ocean breeze which we hope doesn't turn into winds like we had last night. 
And that's it for today folks. It is 11:30 and a lot more is done but it is lunch time so will stop here. Tomorrow the finished product.


Mark said...

I can't wait. The suspence is killing me. It's like a good book waiting for the next chapter.

Carol and Bill said...

lots of pictures coming up in next post, but still not finished product.we had a couple of warm sunny days and now it is cool and overcast again. did you want that runner for your table? we can get it and I can cut and hem it no problem.

Mark said...

Carol, I would still like to have the runner, If you really don't mind that would be great. Just measured my table and I think 20 inches wide would be perfect. I could pay you for the runner and what ever you want to hem it when I see you next winter or before if I find myself in Vegas before then.