Thursday, February 8, 2018

Mazatlan random photos and stories

Weather here continues to be strange. One day of sunshine then four or five days of clouds. In fact today my weather report says 30% chance of clouds. Don't believe it, but it is getting cloudier and colder as the day continues.
This was taken from our friends room in the Torres hotel. One of the sun shine days. Nice view to have.
 We've gone downtown several time lately so my photos are kind of scrambled.  This is in the main plaza where all the shoe shine and shoe repairs men are. These shoes were drying after being dyed? or shined. They were sitting on top of trash receptacle. They are really blue.
 A new mural in the Municipal building.
 A closer look at portions of it. The Central Market.

 The table base is an old fashioned  tricycle 
 There is a parking lot behind the walls of this old structure. At one time it had pretty stained glass in the window. 
 This day there were two cruise ships in town, over 5000 passengers so there was entertainment everywhere. Plazuela Machado.
 We walked over to one of the art galleries, this is one of the rooms in it. I'd spend all my time in here if it was mine.
Walking around looking at the buildings. Interesting choice of colors - the window shutters are purple. 
 At first I thought this was the street number, but looking at the other homes whose numbers were in the 400 - I don't know what it represents. 
 More entertainment in the Plazuela. He sings old time music. Can't see them clear here but he has on black and white saddle shoes. 
 A couple of Carnaval manikins sitting in one of the restaurants. 
 It is always an adventure to order ice tea when in Mexico, I never know what I'll get. Last week when I ordered it here I got real just brewed regular tea. With lots of ice it cooled down.  This day I got this. Barely any color and hardly any taste to it. Bill finally asked waiter what it was and he brought out a box of tea bags - some weird kind that promised an energy boost. When I asked for more sugar I got a little picture with sugar water in it. With that and lots of squeezed lime it ended up tasting okay. A couple of weeks ago at a restaurant I got a glass of cold water and ice with a tea bag in it. Just never know. 
 Back on the now open to all lanes and directions of traffic. I can't wait to see it at night with all the new lights on. But will have to wait until after Carnaval is over. When all the tourists are gone. Still a lot of landscaping to be done in the center divider. 
Went to breakfast in the Golden Zone one day. Walked out towards the beach, more vendors than tourists, but it was early in the day. 
Music outside of Ponchos Mall in the Golden Zone
Sombreros for sale, any color any size.
The people in the blue shirts are volunteers to give advice and or directions to the new tourists. A vendor loaded down with stuff.
A recycling receptacle. 
And from here we headed over to enjoy driving the Malecon and to see if the divers were diving. 


SandyM said...

Great pictures and comments - the picture of your ice tea made it look very inviting. Thanks for sharing your days with all of us.

Mark said...

And a fun day it was....

Carol and Bill said...

I was surprised how good it looked in the picture - it really did look like dirty dish water. Always a surprise when ordering ice tea - sometimes I wish I liked soda pop

Contessa said...

Maybe you need to switch to limonada!