Saturday, February 17, 2018

Centro Thursday afternoon.

Here it is Saturday and I'm still working on Thursday. After getting home from our trip to La Noria and Puerta de Canoas we went to the Centro Historico. Driving towards one of the parking lots. All of the streets in this area have been repaved. All of the sidewalks have been widened and repaved and new trees put in. Looking very pretty here. Now the buildings are starring to get painted.
The parking lot was beyond full but the manager let us in anyway. Sure hope that black truck to the left of us doesn't have to leave. This is the first year since we've been coming to this lot that the artwork - graffiti - has not been redone.
I posted a picture of this building the other day when they were painting it but that picture did not do the YELLOW justice. I have never seen such a yellow yellow on a buildin. 
The lower half of this building has been in the process of being updated. All the coving was redone and all defects plastered. It used to be the color of the upper half. Don't know if it is finished now or if this is just a base coat. Rather a bland color for here. 
We were walking towards the watchmaker when we passed this building. It has been one of my favorite buildings here - it is empty. When we first came here  years ago it was a pale blue. Then it was painted yellow - since last week it now looks like this. Not sure I like the colors. They are kind of dull looking. 
One of the doors on the side of the building. 
Heading towards the watchmaker, these buildings have also been repainted in last couple of weeks. 
OMG the watchmakers  business and home have also been repainted. But notice on the blue roof, the missing plaster has not been replaced, nor was it painted...
Not a good picture but this is the color it used to be. 
Going in to finally pick up his watches - got both and both are now like new again. A bucket of paint? or a bucket of colored water? Couldn't really tell without sticking my finger in it. 
Then we walked up to drop my computer glasses off at the opticians, need new lenses without scratches. 
By then we were all hungry. Went to the Plazuela Machado to eat at Beach Burger now the Machado Grill and it was CLOSED!?!?!? Guess they were recuperating from Carnaval.
So we went up to the bakery for lunch - again outdoor dining. This is my lasagna and salad.
Bill got a pizza - it has pears and prosciutto on it. He ate the whole thing.
Walking back to the car we stopped to listen to this bank in the Plaza. 

We were glad to get home and sit down. BUT... we still had plans to go out to dinner with a couple camped behind us. They were leaving in the morning so we went to Panchos for a send off safe dinner. 
I didn't eat the next day. Too full. 

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