Monday, December 31, 2018

Writing This Last day of 2018 - but about the Laundry Ladies of Concordia

Yesterday, Sunday, was a cold, dark, miserable day here in Mazatlan. Sun barely came out for a few minutes late in the afternoon. This morning the last day of the year there are no clouds. And so far, but it is only 7:30, no one working next door. Hope they stay home until Wednesday. If it continues to be so bad we will probably leave the 9th when our rent is due. But hope we don't have to - love the city, the area and all our friends here.  
We have been gone from home for 72 days already. So far no major problems health or mechanical wise which is always good news.
Going to do all my end of year bookkeeping and cleaning files and then back up my computer on to my external hard drive. I try to remember to do that the end of every month. 
I am kind of glad this year is coming to an end. Seems like there has been a lot of drama in it. Summer was so hot in Vegas we hardly left the house. Except for medical things. Bill had the cataracts removed from both eyes. Then he had all sorts of tests before having two stents put in/around his heart. I have something that can't be diagnosed. Lots of tests and a couple of doctors involved. So guess it is a learn to live with it kind of thing. I call it my alien baby.
Since we've left home our youngest son and his wife have separated. And our oldest son was just in the hospital with acute heart failure. He is home now and feeling a little better. Of course he is no longer able to work . One just never stops being a parent. He has a GoFundMe page it can be reached by clicking here. Just found out our son is back in the hospital, a bigger hospital about 40 miles from where he lives. Running tests. Hope to find out more by tonight. Now they are saying it might be a valve problem. At least that can be fixed. I hope.
So where were we in our adventures. This will be a shorter blog with fewer pictures because I'm saving Copala for its own blog.
After we left Malpica we continued inland towards Concordia. First stopping at our friend Antonio's house to share some of the bakery items we'd bought. That has become a tradition. His wife was there but he was up in the mountains gathering wood for his wood carvings. He does the Wind Spirit faces I posted so much about in the past. His family is doing fine. 
Driving on we passed this huge bougainvillea. They are so pretty. [I'm wondering if ours at home managed to survive the super cold weather in Vegas.]
Some of the furniture stores along the road seem to be doing better. Concordia is known for it hand made furniture. Big rocking chair.
Then we turned off and went out the dirt road to the hot springs. Years ago the government built a laundry facility for the families around the area. There are four huge basins full of water. Next to them are cement laundry sinks that have a wash board built into them. There were quite a few women there doing their laundry. Several children. We have been going there for many years and some of the children recognize the Jeep and know that Bill always has candy for them. 
There are a few lines to hang the wet laundry on but most of the women take it home to hang it up to dry.
The first basin is not used for laundry - the water in it is the hottest. Almost to hot to put your hand in. The water flows from basin to basin. Each basin is a little cooler then the one before it. Buckets are used to scoop the clean, hot water out into the laundry sinks. 
A couple of the ladies know us too. Bill out talking to one of them. Some laundry hanging on the line. And passing out candy to the children. 
One boy ran up the hill where there are several homes and told the children up there that Bill had the candy So here they come.
This is a teenage boy scrubbing his clothes. 

Giving out Tootsie Rolls. A big favorite.
Something we hadn't seen before. The lady on the end is on her cell phone. Must have been important as she gathered up her things, got in her car and left. 
The boy leaving with his clean, wet laundry. 
Just liked this picture. Taking care of his little sister. The vegetation is still really green from all the rain this past summer. 
An older man showed up just before we left. Sometimes we'll see people taking baths in the basins. From young kids to older people who come to soak in the hot water. 
Leaving the area and heading back to the main road we passed the elementary school - it has a very colorful fence. 
Passing the town of Concordia. We'll visit it another day when we can send some time there. Last year we went once but every road in town was torn up so we didn't stay to wander around and didn't go back. It should be nice this year.
Continuing up the 40. Again, everything is still so green here. Remember it is the middle of winter here.
Passing by one of the little towns. Always laundry on the lines. 
Next stop for that day - Copala.
It is 8:30 now and still no machines running on any side of us. Yippee. And the sun is out and the sky is clear.
And tomorrow will be our 54th anniversary - good grief that is a long time. 


Mark said...

I am sending good thoughts too you for a positive outcome for your son. I REALLY hope that you are able to stay as I am so looking forward to spending time with you two. If ya need a break from the dust and noise ya could come and visit me at the condo that I'm staying at..

SandyM said...

Happy New Year Carol and Bill - hope you get some positive news soon concerning your son's health.

Carol and Bill said...

Hope that the construction moves to behind us, then I don't think it will be too bad.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you for caring.