Saturday, March 30, 2019

Been home a week today

This mornings sunrise - got up just in time to enjoy it. 
It has been like Christmas around here. Bill has been busy with Amazon! Just one delivery's loot.
 This is what was in the large red box. It is a toaster and toaster oven for the RV. Color matches the coffee pot.
Also got a new tire cover. The old one was splitting and loosing it's color. This is why we call the Jeep Willie - the picture reminds me of Willie Nelson. 
 And new sun shades for over the windows. Lost a couple of them on the rough roads coming home. 
Just since yesterday the ocotillo has popped up with new buds. But still no sign of leaves. 

As I mentioned yesterday a NASCAR weekend. So far my favorite driver has been in two races and won them both. So far this year he has entered 14 races and won 9 of them. Pretty good record. Now I'll keep my fingers crossed that he wins tomorrow too.
I cooked last night. I made Chicken Veracruz and noodles. Actually it is a dish I order when we are in Mexico. Turned out really good.
Nice weather here now. Not as much wind today and only in the mid 70's. Perfect for me. Got the paint for the shed and have hosed the shed off, but will wait until the wind stops and the weather warms up a little. Tho it has to be done before the 9th - when they reinspect it!
We sure managed to get a lot of things taken care of in one week. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

We're getting things done too! Glad to see you both enjoying yourselves.

Carol and Bill said...

Now that most things are taken care of we can start doing some fun things before it gets too hot.

Barb said...

Maybe you should paint the house to match the shed! Lol!

Carol and Bill said...

NO thats okay - shed is not approved color...