Monday, November 9, 2020

Cold and rainy Monday

 Monday morning began with lots of rain. And really cold out. At least the wind has stopped.

About 1 o'clock a little bit of blue sky began to show up. 
So we jumped in the car and headed towards WalMart. It was still pretty cool out. By the time we started home it was up to 52.
Lots of people in WalMart. Lots of empty shelves again/still. These were paper goods shelves. It was more of a trip to get out then grocery shopping. Only thing we really needed was bread. 
While in WalMart I called the Denny's just up the street and put in a take out order for dinner. We both wanted a real meal, but didn't want to fix one. I  had a turkey dinner, yum, and Bill had the Bourbon Chicken Skillet Sizzle. By the time we got there our meals were ready. And they were still warm when we got home. Delicious!
Other than watching TV and still fooling with the laptop that is all there is to write about. 

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