Thursday, November 26, 2020

Saturday - first full day in Mazatlan

I'll do two posts again today, trying to catch up. Saturday, our first full day in Mazatlan.

A little over 1300 miles from home to our 2nd home in Mazatlan. 

It continues to be very HUMID here and in the mid 80’s – so not my kind of weather. In fact Bill even got up in the middle of the night to turn the AC on. He was hot, I guess the humidity helps keep him warm. Kind of like living in a bowl of steaming soup. 

Did some cleaning in here during the cooler morning hours. This thing sure picks up a lot of dust while sitting over the summer. Went over some of the pictures I’ve taken and wrote Thursday and Friday’s blogs. In hopes that some day we will have internet. Sure wish we’d got the TelCel MiFi fixed in Guaymas. Didn’t realize the RV park office wouldn’t have Wi-Fi at all. I feel snippy today so won’t go on about that anymore. 

The sun coming up in the humid haze in the morning.

The RV park – empty except for some stored boats and rigs. This is looking up one of the front rows. Empty. 

I think two or three other American couples are coming within the next few weeks. Sure is quiet here. Just the birds chirping. And sitting in the tree staring at the RV. Do they remember we’ve feed them the last few years? (I’m writing this Tuesday morning as the sun is rising. I cannot see any of the buildings that are across the street the air is so thick with humidity!) 

Some pictures of the park. Some of our plants made it through the winter. The banana is getting a lot bigger, even has a bunch of bananas on it. The four bougainvillea are in good shape.

We are the only space in the back that is occupied, not even anything stored back here this year. 

Went out just to get out and stopped at the restaurant across the street, not to eat but to say Hi to everyone there. Had to have on a mask and get temperature taken to get in the gate. Then had to walk through sanitizer to go to the hotel grounds.

Just some pretty flowers growing there. It is a real pretty place.

The outdoor dining area has had about half of its tables removed and all the windows were open. 

Driving down the main street in town. There is now a bike path there too. Really makes the lanes for the cars narrow. And takes away curbside parking.

Didn’t do much till later in the day when we took a drive. Checked to see if the laundry place was open, it is. Then down the street both the big grocery stores are on. It was all torn up when we left. Looks pretty good now. There is a center divider that has bike paths in it and more new trees. They took out all the ones they planted a couple of years ago. 

Just a couple of pictures I took while riding around. All bright and pretty after their remodel in the spring.

Love the dress. 

When we got home Bill put up his Christmas lights. 

Not as many as in years past, but still pretty. 

The lights at night. 

First blog post today, will post another one later. Sundays doings. 

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