Monday, November 30, 2020

Friday - La Martina

Friday we left around 9:00 to drive up to La Martina Restaurant, where the red X is. More or less. The red part of the road is where the construction I mentioned is. 

For the first part of the road the brush hasn't been cut back. And it not as green this year as it was last year. 
Nearing Los Osuna Distillery and La Martina Restaurant. The agave is about three years old. Will have to grown another four to six year before harvesting.
Turning off the road. 
I love this living fence. We've been watching it slowly grow for years. 
On the other side of the entrance road there are beautiful bougainvillea growing .And lots an lots of butterflies this year. 
Puling up to the restaurant. All the colors are amazing. The restaurant is Mexican Pink. 
Looking through the open courtyard towards the eating areas in the back. Had our temperatures taken and given sanitizer for our hands. Had to be wearing masks to get in. 
I don't remember what they are called but they are gorgeous. They surround the fountain. 
Looking out from the outside eating area into the back yard and buildings. 
They have a new adobe oven, but it isn't in use yet, just finished building it. Built where the vegetable garden used to be. 
Also a new deck for events. But they are going to change the roof on it. As it is now the sun goes through the roof and it gets too hot to stay there. 
The huge tree that used to be here died over the summer and had to be cut down, New trees have been planted. And there is a new sprout from the old roots. 
We usually sit at this table, but today took one in the shade. We were the only customers there. All  wait staff were wearing masks. A couple other people came later and sat on the other side of the patio area. The burlap above the area is to replaced the shade from the tree. 
Little details are so great, this is the salt shaker,
Love the sweet potato chips and fresh cheese. We both had cafe de Olla. Mexican coffee. Some of the best we've ever had is here. 
The roof over the deck that will be replaced. Part of the side yard. 
Looking out back again. At one time the bigger building was going to be used as a little souvenir store. Don't know if it is in use or not. 
My meal.  Fruit, granola and yogurt. Delicious, but too much. 
Bill's meal. He said it was excellent. 
One of the serving rooms. No longer use the huge round table in the middle Small tables in the corners. 
Would love to take this home with me. Her eyes and smile are great. 
Bill talking to the cook. The sign says more or less "It is dangerous to go into the kitchen as the cook is crazy." The regular cook, Johnny was not there as his mother broke her arm and he is taking care of her. 
Out on the front entrance. I like pigs. 
The colors and decorations are amazing.
As is the floor. 
Just another picture of the outside. 
Beautiful day, excellent meal and service and good to see all the servers and owner again. All are well and none have been ill. Thank goodness. The owner and Bill were discussing the Argentine condiment Chimichurri - her cook tried making it. Bill tasted it and said it was bad. So she asked him for the ingredients, said she would buy them if Bill would come make it for her. So guess we will be going back there. On a weekday and early, before customers start arriving. 
Another day without drama, I can feel myself calming down.
We continued on to La Noria but will leave that for tomorrow's post. 


Dayton said...

The flowers around the fountain look like Hydrangeas.
Great pix, as per usual.

Ruth's Life is Good said...

I am always amazed at how they continue to change and improve. The place is gorgeous.

SandyM said...

That is a beautiful place; really enjoyed seeing the latest photos. The colors are so vivid and brilliant and they belong in a hot climate. Hope there will be pictures of Bill when he become a visiting chef.

Carol and Bill said...

Dayton, thanks, I knew that but couldn't bring the name to the front of my brain.
Ruth - every time we go there something more has been done.
Sandy - It is such a pleasure to go there just to enjoy the atmosphere.