Friday, November 6, 2020

Finally headed south

 As promised 2nd post today. This will be a very short post. Not a lot to write about. Thank goodness. 214 miles, into another time zone so it didn't take us as long as I first thought it did. We are settled for the night. Very, very windy drive. Bill was really having to hang on. It was also dark and dreary out. But warm. 

This was taken yesterday afternoon, before all our running around. 

Taken this morning just as we left. We were up at 4:00 and finished all the loading and cleaning. Finally on road at 8:30
Some nasty clouds up there, lots of rain off in distance and heavy winds. 
So parked for night, back on road early tomorrow - IF the weather is okay. Not if it is raining. Got the TV set up and working  and for the first time ever in this RV park I am able to get on their WiFi. Good thing cause I don't remember the password for our Verizon MiFi. 

Trying to get used to using the new laptop. I can find most of my programs and most of it is working okay. A couple of things I use a lot are giving me pribkens ub diwbkiadubg,  - oops guess I had my fingers on the wrong keys. Need to get used to that too. Supposed to say problems in downloading. 

Trying to get Movie Maker downloaded but not getting any where yet. Also the Snipping tool. Use it a lot. 

That's it for tonight...tired and almost time for a race on TV. 


Mark said...

It's like Christmas here for me now that your on the road. Like you I was not able to go on any road trips this summer so I'm sure your happy to be on the Road to Mexico. Can't wait to read all about your adventures and see your pictures. See you in Jan, until then stay safe you two...

Jackie McGuinness said...

I have Movie Maker and the snipping tool so I am sure you will get them up and running.