Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Desert plants in the sunshine

 Got a great nights sleep. Well I did, Bill not so much. Got up in middle of night and heater wasn't working, Ended up staying up most of the night. I reminded him that there is an electric blanket on the bed. But, oops, it wasn't plugged in! It is now.  Today the sun is up and it actually warmed up to 60. He is even outside polishing the Jeep in shorts. 

We decided we needed an air fryer, shouldn't have left ours home I guess. So back to WalMart where we found this Black and Decker toaster oven - air fryer for $40.  So figured why not. 
Also picked up a roasted chickens. Good lunch chicken and french fries. The main reason we got it to cook french fries. So here it is getting its first work out. But to put it on the counter we needed to get rid of our toaster. This is supposed to make good toast too. We'll see. 
I keep thinking I hear rain drops on the roof - just little bitty birds walking around. They make so much noise. Because it was such a nice day I took a little walk around the RV park. Like all the desert plants. Such an ugly plant, but it had new buds on it. 
Gracefull looking. 
The berries are so red and it is such a mean bush. Nasty thorns on it. 

EGAD - I just want one day without drama. Got a text on phone saying I owed alarm company money. Did not trust phone and link so went on line, could not get into account - information wrong. So did the forgot info route and redid it all. Then got on to web page and it says our alarm account had been "deactivated due to inactivity."  WHAT!?!?!?  So called them.  Customer service rep pulled up account and muttered "wow!"  Well that didn't sound good. Finally got everything straightened out. Paid bill and account was never deactivated - just my login info. So heart stopped triple timing and all is well. 
4:30 and it is already really cooling off. 
Time for the heater to come back on and me to put on sweats. Yes, it is that cool.
Tomorrow will go to Nogales for insurance on vehicles a nd then on into Mexico to get all our paperwork done. Then when we leave here we won't have to stop anywhere. Getting the tires on the Jeep rotated and balanced on Thursday and the RV doctor is coming Friday to work on the generator. All I want is no drama. 


Mark said...

Hope it's an easy fix for the generator. The more I read about all the issues you have had with the RV makes me rethink if I want one. Fingers crossed that you have many drama free day's

SandyM said...

Anxious to hear how you like the toaster oven/air fryer. We badly need to replace our toaster oven which we use a lot and that is a thought to replace with the combination unit. Hope you have a good travels today to get all papers in order for your trip South.

Carol and Bill said...

Mark, we think it just needs to be cleaned, sitting in summer sun gums up the gasoline. It really needs to be run once a month for a while to keep it working.
Sandy - The toaster/air fryer worked fine for french fries and we both used it this morning for toast. I got mine a little dark, but Bill learned from my mistake and his was fine. Got everything paperwork wise done with no problems. Will write about it.