Saturday, November 14, 2020

Should have left today - didn't

It didn't get quite as cold the last couple of nights. But then furnace was running most of night. Yesterday we waited for the RV tech to get here to fix the generator. He came about 11:00 and was here quite a while. Finally got it turn over but wouldn't stay running. He thinks there is a bad part and had to order it. Might get it today and be by later or tomorrow morning - Sunday. Bill got the water heater working again, a switch had been turned off by someone when they were replacing the batteries.

Thursday  we just enjoyed the day puttering around in here. Later we decided to go to WalMart again. Bill wanted a second razor, just in case. And an extension for the sewer hose. Also picked up a few things in groceries. Watching TV I've been seeing the Campbell Soup ad for Tomato soup and grilled cheese. Brought back a lot of childhood memories. Used to eat that combination regularly - haven't had any in years. So bought a can of soup and some Velveeta! One of these days will make my lunch or dinner with them. Wonder if it will taste as good as it used to? 

Unlike last year, this year, our mail is being forwarded to our PO box with no problems. Always glad to be notified that the first piece of mail gets there. They notify me when ever a piece arrives and will scan the first page for me if I think it is important and will throw out what ever I decide I don't need. 

After technician left we didn't do any thing. Just read and watched movies. I did try again to reach doctor about our tests from last week. Finally talked to someone who told me to go to Labs web page, sign up and get results that way. So will see if that works. 

Don't know what we will do today except get out of here for a while. Took a short ride to put gas in Jeep. Then home. Later we went to WalMart again. Still finding  discovering things we forgot to bring from the house.

Not doing much days. Just admiring some things I've made for the RV. This is the curtain we put up at night to close off the cab of the RV. All photos of places we've been and of the three old RV. Across top left to right  Las Vegas New York casino, Brown county Indiana in the fall, Joplin, Missouri after tornado, RV park in Tucumcari, NM.

Below them Map of Canada and US with picture of Alfa. When we drove to Alaska, an alien from Roswell, NM, Bid cross in TX, beautiful metal falling leaves sculpture in Nashville, Indiana and old building in Rhyolite, NV

Mural in Tucumcari, Amish in Ohio, photo of 1972 Pace Arrow and map of when we drove to Argentina in it, White Sands, NM, Olas Altas, Mazatlan. 

On the bottom Angel Flores, Old class C we had for a few years, Mazatlan, leaning water tower TX,  Red rock, Sedona, AZ  Lots and lots of memories there. 

Hope RV tech can come tomorrow...


SandyM said...

Very nice curtain you made to close off the cab for the night. Nice to look at the memories you have made. Tomato soup and grilled cheese were and still are favorites of our now adult kids. Costco has a very good Tomato Basil soup - it has two containers per package and is refrigerated. So very good. Nothing like a good soup to warm you up on a cool evening. Traveling mercies for all of your trip.

Jackie McGuinness said...

Still love a bologna sandwich on white bread with mayo!

Kathy Tycho said...

Hope the generator gets fixed soon. Saw Felipe yesterday and so far no one is there except a couple of nationals here for the holiday weekend. Busy weekend here for Revolution day and people are not as careful as they should be. Still feel safe as we are careful and the weather is good for the soul.

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - I still haven't had my tomato soup. Half afraid it won't taste as good as I remember it.
Jackie - sounds good to me.
Kathy - I'm wondering if we'll be the only rig there. Not sure how much running around I want to do this year.

Janet said...

Hope your RV issues get sorted soon and you can be on your way. Your curtain is amazing, having all those great memories to look at. Safe travels!