Sunday, November 15, 2020

Sunday and we are still in Amado

 Yesterday we needed to put gas in the Jeep so we took a little ride. Filled the Jeep up and on the way back took a short detour through the little artist town of Tubac. Just some of the interesting things we came across. 

I can always spot a pig or chicken. Guess this is really a javelin, not a piggy. But didn't get pictures of the roosters. Moving to quick. 
A really old, looks like adobe, house. It is for sale. 
Another javelin. 
Lots of colorful metal flowers for sale and things to hang in trees. The bird could maybe be a chicken. 
Later in the day we made another trip to WalMart - I know, seems like we should get our act together and remember everything we want at once. But it gets us out of the RV for a while. 
Finished a new e-book by Michael Connelly - kept me interested. Usually just read free books, but have a few favorite authors that put out new books this time of year so I end up buying them. Most of my favorite characters are starting to get old, so the stories are changing some. Been reading most of the series for over 25 years. Seems like you get to know the people and their families. Also downloaded the new Lee Child - Jack Reacher book - Reacher is starting to feel his age. And Janet Evanovich's new Stephanie Plum book. Stephanie and her grandmother don't get older, just get in more mischief. A couple of my favorite authors have passed away. Almost like a loss of a friend. 
Talked to the RV tech and the part came in so he'll be here sometime this afternoon. Hope it was what was wrong so we can get on the road. 
3:00 RV tech here, has new carburetor for the generator. 
A couple of other things we made for the RV. Bill did the carving years ago. The pins we have collected for years too. But each trip we seem to lose one or two. They disappear into a  black hole, never to be found.
A couple of years ago I found this material in Mazatlan so made a couple of placemats and a small pillow.  Bill made me the wooden box at the back of the table. I keep all my pens, pencils, paper, calculator, glasses, camera stuff, electronic  connectors etc. in it. 
And finally took all my old t-shirts of places I've been - never wore the shirts, just bought them - and made them into a bedspread. Most expensive quilt I've ever made. 

Well it is 6 p.m. and the RV tech just left. Hopefully the generator is okay. He asked us to turn it on first thing tomorrow morning and if it doesn't work to call him. It it works we will be on the road, crossing the border and going to San Carlos. A long driving day. 


Mark said...

Hope you get on the road in the morning. Drive safe Bill. Keep a close eye out for those bad drivers, cause they drive among us..

Ruth's Life is Good said...

Glad you got everything fixed👍👍 Those generators are notorious for giving problems when they sit for extended periods of time. Larry starts ours every month, he turns on the AC and lets it run for 20-30 minutes. Of course that doesn't guarantee something still won't go wrong, earlier this year while he was doing his monthly run the generator quit. When it was cool it would run 10 minutes and shut off, took him days to figure out what was wrong and he had to remove the generator from the motorhome to fix it. Have fun in Mexico!!

Carol and Bill said...

Mark, Yep, we got on the road. Are now in San Carlos 280 miles south for a while. We are being careful and driving careful. Good roads all the way today.
Ruth - the RV sitting in 115+ weather all summer gummed up the carburetor - had to get a new one. Oh well. At least it was fixable. Now in Mexico.