Thursday, November 19, 2020

The rest of our relaxing day in San Carlos

The rest of our relaxing do nothing day in San Carlos. Leaving El Mirador. Lots of new housing going on. Taking over the beach side. Several houses started. What a shame to ruin such a pretty place.

All of these houses are where the old El Mirador RV park used to be. 
Some of these pictures are just because I thought they were pretty or something caught my eye. A bougainvillea at the marina. They all looked kind of scrawny this year. 
We were watching her walking, now I know why she was walking so funny. I would have broken an ankle in these shoes on cobblestones.
Just like the shadow. 
He looks like he is wearing a really bad wig. 
Lots and lots of pretty big boats. Saw a couple with people on them. 

The walk ways here are very pretty. Hard to walk on but pretty. 
He just caught my eye. Think he is new this year at a restaurant or bar. I like the cactus neck/head.
Leaving the marina heading towards town. There are four dolphins in this area but moving to quick to get a good shot of them. Will be back!
The driveway out to the La Palapa restaurant - no we didn't stop to eat - too busy. Like how the plants are trimmed into balls. 
Totonaka RV Park. Usually this time of year you are lucky to get a space. Empty! And the water is still barely there and WiFi works when it wants to. 
RV with it front wheels off the ground. This spot is where we always park and always have to put bricks under the jacks it is so unlevel. I know, why didn't we park somewhere else more level. Habit I guess. 
Our evening walk. The trash can just caught my fancy. 
Out on the rocky beach. My we got tall. 
Been under construction for several years. The birds are living in it now. 
Walking back. I'm usually trailing Bill when I have the camera in my hand. 
These kids came riding up behind us wanting to know if we wanted to buy some Cheetos. Nope. See the bag on the ground. 
An interesting rock Bill found on the beach.
The sun was starting to set.  So took lots of pictures. The rocks on the beach are glittering. 

Bill walking on the beach. All the rest are sunset photos. 
A little girl playing in the water. 
The birds were diving into the water catching tiny fish. 
And so ended our first day in San Carlos. There was a pretty sunrise on Wednesday morning, but didn't go out to get pictures. Went into Guaymas - will write about it later. Trying to get our TelCel MiFi up and working. Got the data but think the battery is dead. We'll see later I guess. 
Well either the battery or the soldered connections in the mifi doesn't work. So will be without internet for a few days. Going to stop overnight in truck stop in Los Mochis [might be able to get on their internet, but not counting on it] tonight. Then on to Mazatlan Friday. So might be Monday or Tuesday or later before I get to blog again. But will continue taking pics and notes. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Love the silhouette pictures. My favorite shots are from behind. That rock was lovely, I hope you kept it. Safe travels!

SandyM said...

Lovely sunset pictures. Traveling mercies all the way to Mazatlan. Told Rex the other day I am ready to buy another RV and head to Mexico for the Winter....but it is wishful thinking.