Thursday, November 12, 2020

Yesterday was a busy day

 Each day here seems to start out colder. Yesterday morning about 7:00

But as the day goes on it gets warmer than the day before. Got up into the 70's by afternoon. 
About 10:30 it was warm enough for us to take a day trip. First we drove into Nogales to get the Mexican insurance coverage for the RV and Jeep.  No raise in prices since last year.
Then we continued into Mexico to do all our paper work. All went well and we were pleasantly surprised to see all the precautions taken because of Covid. Only one person or family group let into areas at a time to do their paper work. MUST wear a mask. At window at open air bank, only one person allowed to window. I had to wait six feet away. Sanitizer all over the place. 
Then back home where we dropped off paperwork then went to Green Valley to buy Bill a new razor - his two in the RV decided to stop working. Glad it happened here in the states. After WalMart we went in Denny's to eat lunch. First time in a restaurant since March at the Denny's here. Only three other couples in there and they were seated on other side of restaurant. Plexiglas partitions between each booth. 
Single use paper menus, trimmed down menu items. About 1/4 of what they used to serve. No condiments, including sugar, salt, pepper on table. Must ask for them. Silverware comes in a paper sleeve. Everything wiped down with sanitizer when customer leaves. Sanitizer  stations all over. Still made me kind of nervous though. Would not have gone in if there had been any more people in there. (But I will say, we felt safer in the restaurant then we felt sitting in doctor's offices this summer.)
I forgot how much I enjoy going to a restaurant to not cook and be served and no cleaning. But probably will be our last time eating out until we go to the outside restaurant in San Carlos. 
Speaking of doctors, tried getting ahold of our primary doctor yesterday to find out results of lab tests from last week. Of course no response. Guess they weren't that important. 
Bill is all bundled up and on his way to take Jeep to mechanic to get tires rotated and balanced. 8:00 and only 41 degrees out. And it is cloudy again today. 
Will write more about our quick trip into Mexico the day we actually start our trip there. Well...Bill  just came back, no tire rotation. Tire man called in SICK. Run...


Kathy Tycho said...

Glad your paperwork went well. Here in Mazatlan more people are masked than not. Walmart and home depot require masks,do a temp check and sanitize your hands, good! Buses are masked but always someone who doesn't comply. Difficult for us this year with no vehicle. Came back from HomeDepot in a red truck with a hot water tank!

Carol and Bill said...

Once we get there just call us if you need to pick up anything big = we've got the Jeep. Glad to hear about the masks and sanitizing. Km21 was very efficient that way. Will write about it in a day or two. Weather here in AZ remains cold at night but warming up during day.