Wednesday, November 18, 2020

San Carlos lookout point El Mirador

 I remembered to look outside night before last in time to catch a somewhat pretty sunset. Not as vivid as other times. Looking towards town. Up the beach. 

Looking down the beach. Last time we were here this was an empty falling apart building. Looks like it is a restaurant/bar now. Wonder how loud it will be Friday and Saturday nights? 
Very relaxing day yesterday we just wanted to get outside for a while so took a ride up to El Mirador - the beautiful look out point just north of downtown. Just some of the scenery getting there. Desert on one side, ocean on the other. 
Parked and walking into the area. Blue sea, brown and green desert. 
There is a new heart with an arrow made with rocks here now. The old one got destroyed a couple of years ago. Glad to see a new one. 
There were four of these dolphin sculptures on display here. This is all white but a great recycling use of old tire rims. 
Another one, the light wasn't good for this direction. 
From the other side, lots of intricate work on it. See the lobster on the one above. 
Again light isn't good for this side. Very, very colorful. There is a woman's head on this side. 
Mountains and cacti on this side. 
A good look at its back.
Looking over the railing. I heard a real loud racket coming from down there. Was wondering what it could be. It was a bird! From the noise I thought there were sea lions down there. Nope just him. 
There he is. 
He is on the rock right in the middle of the picture. 
Looking the other direction. The mountain that is in all my sunset pictures. 
Looking back towards the parking lot. 
Another dolphin. 
The other side of it.
Closer look.
The cactus growing so close to the water. 
I guess there is always some one who needs to be told.
They sure are neat. There are four more in town that I want to get pictures of. 
One of the vendors was selling fresh cut fruit. Looked good and refreshing. 
Bill checking out the different rocks. 
Interesting cactus. 

Also went by the marina and walked around a bit. More about that later. And early evening we took a walk on the beach watched the sunset. Today we will go into Guaymas to get our MiFi charged as we are thinking of leaving here tomorrow. We'll see. Until we are on the road again the blogs will be mostly pictures. I love taking pictures and sharing the sights with others. Last winter I took 5000 pictures!


Kathy Tycho said...

Love the dolphins...very unusual! We've always done the drive out to El Mirador when passing through too. Enjoy yourselves!

Carl said...

Wow, 5000 pictures!! All I can say is ....Keep em comin .....Thanks and safe travels.

Kinda funny , but after reading all your blogs, my wife and I almost feel as if we know you two, even though we've never met. You passed by us in Las Jaibas on your way out of the park and we always waved to one another but thats about it. I remember getting a chuckle about your Jeep with the saying on the back window.

SandyM said...

And I love seeing your photos so continue to post them, please. How warm is the daytime temperature? Sure wish we were in shorts and sandals weather as we even had a snow shower for a few minutes last night. Appreciate all the time you spend to write and post your blog.

Carol and Bill said...

Kathy - We were surprised that El Mirador was still being kept up. Looks really nice up there. And the dolphins are really neat.
Carl -Where were you parked at Las Jaibas? It seems like we might be the only ones there this year.
Sandy - I love taking photos, thank goodness for digital. Can you imagine what old photos would cost???It is 84 here in San Carlos today. A little toasty for me. Mazatlan is 82 with 77% humidity feels like 89 - UGH,

Carl said...

Carol, We were parked on the road coming into the park , about 3/4 of the way down on the right hand side as you drove out close to the fence. Had the grey 2004 dodge truck and Arctic Fox trailer. Doug and Cathy were about 2 or 3 sites down from us towards the back. If memory serves me right you two were parked in the back.
Anyway, I hope you two have a great time and stay safe.

Carol and Bill said...

Carl - ah, yes, I remember. We have our favorite spot with our garden, if it made it through the summer, in the back.