Tuesday, November 17, 2020

From Km 21 to San Carlos, Mexico

First thing we did when we got up yesterday was try the generator. It worked and purred like a kitten. About 20 minutes after we had tried it our phone rang. It was David the RV tech checking to make sure the generator was working. Very nice of him to check. Will continue to sing his praises. Alarie Mobile RV Service out of Tucson. He went above and beyond for us. Spending most of Sunday afternoon working on the darn generator. 

So, anyway, here we are pulling out of the RV park starting our journey south for the winter. Everything seems to be working fine. Fingers crossed. The RV just doesn't like sitting all summer in 115+ heat I guess. 

All buttoned up and ready to go. I hope. Until I get back in a routine, I cringe at first few bumps wondering what is going to fall or rattle. Nothing did. 
We stopped at the Pilot on Ruby Road exit 12 and filled the tank in the RV. Left there at 9:30 and headed south. Back to the border crossing. It opens at 8 a.m., we got there about 9:45 - no rush for us. Following a truck through the truck lanes at US border.
Out on to the highway and he decided to STOP! What the? - we just barely squeezed by him. Good thing Bill takes it in stride - I'd still be stopped and sitting there. 
The toll booth just before the Mexican check point was open and collecting Pesos - 200 for the RV and car. Then through the Mexican check point - using the BUS lane. A young woman official told us to pull over. She asked for the registration - gave her both originals for RV and Car. She checked the RV's then asked to come in. Let her in the RV, she just glanced around asked if we had alcohol or cigarettes. Told her Nope. She thanked us and said have a good trip. Didn't even look at the Jeep. So on our way. 
Every year there are more little buildings. I thought they were memorials, now I'm wondering if it is turning into a cemetery there are so many of them. 
Once past the Mexican check point the road is all pretty good. Most of it is four lane divided. 
EXCEPT for the TOPES If you see someone standing in the middle of the street with something in their hands. Slow down there is sure to be a tope there and they are selling all kinds of things. See how hard the tope is to see? There is a sign - far right of picture, but it is right at the tope. No time to slow down if you don't see it before.
Another tope - these are at Los Janos about kilometer marker 220. Not sure the exact number but just after 222. 
The toll booths at Magdalena and just before Hermosillo are donation booths. We gave 20 Pesos at each. Not much to write about until time to get the Hermosillo Libramento - Hermosillo Bypass. The first sign is 2.5 km before the turn off. Notice it is on the left side of the highway, the next sign.
The entrance to the Bypass is the LEFT LANE. Up and over you go. Follow the Guaymas signs. 
The bypass is only single lane going each way. If you get stuck behind a slow truck, you could be there for a while. It is also like driving over a washboard for about half the way. The toll booth on the Bypass is open and collecting tolls. We were charged 250 Pesos for four axels.
Rest of trip to San Carlos was uneventful. 287 miles took us five hours. We are staying at Totanaka RV Park in San Carlos. Paid for a week. About US$26,50 a day. WiFi, cable TV, 50/30 amps, restrooms, water, sewer and electricity. Hardly any one else here. Five other American rigs and some rigs just in storage. 
We got settled then went to La Palapa right on the beach for a late lunch of fish and chips. Bill ate two meals, I had one and we both had soft drinks. About US$30. The whole restaurant is open air, we sat in an area all by ourselves. Waiters wore masks, sanitizer was available. Yesterday was a national holiday so there were quite a few people there especially sitting at the tables on the sand. 
Back in the RV. Working on pictures, paperwork, and accounting. Did go across road to see sunset. Just okay one. We plan on resting a lot while here. 
Have not been putting the Theraworx on my legs so woke up middle of night with terrible leg cramp. Woke Bill up with my scrambling around. Will remember to use it for a while. 


Carl said...

Carol , Thanks again for the ride along on your trip to Mazatlan. We can't go this year because of the border being closed so your blog give us a bit of sunshine in a cold and gray winters day. Hoping to come down in the new year and say hello to you 2 at las Jaibas. If the Canuck border is open.....Maybe??? Until then we appreciate your blog like you wouldn't believe .

Belgique said...

Yippee! We get to travel to Mexico with you again this year, but, alas, only on the web. Always enjoy your reports and pictures.

Sara said...

I couldn’t agree with you more Carl. These blogs give me such enjoyment to read. We too would have been headed to Mexico for the winter if the Cdn/US border wasn’t still closed. It is so refreshing to see people out still enjoying a normal life. Thanks for all the effort you put into your blogs Carol, and the detail for the border crossing, roadways etc. I hope you and Bill have a wonderful winter down south.

Carol and Bill said...

Carl- hope I can keep the blogs interesting. And hope you do make it down.
Belgique - Hopefully we are able to go to lots of interesting places this year again. But we are being pretty careful. Did take a walk on the beach tonight. No one else there.
Sara - Thank you for your comment. Hopefully we can continue to do things that I can write about. But think there might be a lot of staying at home days, this year.