Wednesday, February 9, 2022

A road trip the a week ago.

 A little over a week ago we took a road trip with Mark and his family to the restaurant La Martina and on to the little town of La Noria.  This was pre oral surgery for Bill. It was one of the few days he tooth ache was manageable. 

Some picture of things along the highway. Years ago there was only one or two junk cars here, now they have multiplied. Guess it is a kind of "pick a part."  As all the vehicles seem to be missing lots of pieces. 

The rooster ranch. The fight cocks live in the little teepee type things. Some times a lot of them are outside, didn't see any that day. It is a good business here I guess as there are several of these farms/ranches in the area. No cock fighting is not legal in Mexico. But the raising and selling is. 
The entrance to the farm/ranch. See the big cement roosters on the gate post.
He is a long way from any town. Has something in the crates on the back. 
A young mango orchard. 
This tree is blooming. Small white flowers. 
Lots of yellow flowered trees blooming too. The area is not very green any more. Dry winter has set in. 
Blue agave plants for tequila. They have to grow for about 7 years before they can be harvested to make tequila. 
These are about four or five years old. Still need to get bigger. Very small ones in the field behind. 
The little chapel on the hill next to La Martina restaurant. 
Love the wood slab tables in the restaurant. So pretty. This one is two pieces of wood. 
The outdoor part of the restaurant. The two big pots have Cafe de Olla steeping in them. They are sitting on a grill. And the hand made tortillas are made out here. 
The front of the restaurant. The huge bougainvilleas around the arches have been trimmed so not too many flowers on them.  
Continue preparing for the new housing development just before La Noria. 
He has his little boy in front of him and the crates in back full of something. 
Haven't been doing much lately as the teeth and the removing them has knocked Bill down. Had to go back to dentist to get things checked out. At least there is no infection and it is in the process of healing. But guess there was a lot of digging to do so it is taking a while to feel good and heal. Somehow he managed to get a sizable piece of food into the wound and that was causing quite a bit of pain. Dentist got that out and did a lot of uncomfortable irrigating. But this morning finally it feels somewhat better. He is not a good patient and I am, for sure, not a compassionate nurse. It was stressed that he can only eat SOFT FOOD for a couple of days...guess we'll cruise Walmart's shelves today to see what we can find. Baby food???  Ketchup??? He says I'm not a big help. 
We start heading for home in about 22 days. I'm ready. 


Grandma on the Road said...

Creamy soup, cooked oatmeal, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, etc. I went through this with a large molar last summer and again in early January when they did a bone graft, so I know how Bill feels. Got so I hated soft food!! ALso, hard to chew on just one side.

Doug and Nancy said...

Glad Bill is starting to feel better. Wow, 22 more days until you leave. Already??!!

SandyM said...

Nice post, I hope your friends enjoyed the restaurant - that setting is spectacular. Hope Bill is feeling better.

Carol and Bill said...

Judy - He is finally feeling less pain and is trying to just eat soft food, most of which he doesn't like. But doing better.
Doug and Nancy - We've been gone from home for 117 days. A long time. Ready to go home.
Sandy - Restaurant is always fun to see. He is quite a bit better.