Friday, February 25, 2022

We are 242 miles closer to home.

We are now in the Smart Gas fenced truck stop in Los Mochis. A LONG 242 mile day. The road from Mazatlan to the third toll booth near Culiacan was pretty good - mostly. From Culiacan it was good in spots and needs a lot of work in other spots. And all the tolls have gone UP. Paid 632 pesos more to come home than to go down. took us 5 hours from start to stop. We had dinner in the Elba Restaurant. Very good. Chicken empanazada, salad and french fries - enough for a today and tomorrow. 

Will look at my pictures and resize some then try to update this later. Internet connection is iffy at best. 

Just before we left at 9:30.

At the ARC O filling the gas tank. 2979 pesos. 
The Guardia National were stopping incoming cars at the railroad tracks. A Carnival thing I think. Just waved us through. 

All town bound cars were stopped. No idea what they were checking for. 

Lots of Guardia National trucks and cars on the highway.
North bound 15D parts getting repaved. Good.  Just before first toll booth. 
I had read that tolls had gone up.  Wow have they ever. 
The old prices are covered so it is a surprise what you will owe. If I remember correctly this one went up around  60 pesos.  Total for both RV and car. 
Lots of paving being done on south bound lanes too. GOOD
Just a pretty pink blooming tree along the way.

 More work being done on the north bound lanes. 
Some of the toll booths had long lines, no idea why. Unless people were upset about new tolls.
Agricultural check point. Just asked if we had any fruit. Said no and waved on. They used to want to spray the vehicles here. In the past we've paid them 100 pesos to NOT spray us. 
Onions or potatoes for sale along the highway.  No one around to take money???

So we are here for the night. When we got here there was not one truck in the lot. But some have shown up since. Nice rumble of truck engines going on. 
Tomorrow will be in San Carlos for few days. 

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