Friday, February 11, 2022

La Noria Hotel and restaurant

There isn't a whole lot of difference in the temperatures for Mazatlan vs Las Vegas for the next few weeks during the day. At night Vegas is much cooler. We will be leaving here March 2nd or 3rd. Will take us about three weeks to get home - more or less. 

Weather for Mazatlan Feb 13 to March 5 

Weather for Las Vegas same dates

Back to our trip to La Noria over a week ago. Just some pictures from El Aureliano Restaurant and Hotel

This picture is the oldest part of the building. The original home of the owners grand parents,. The entrance to the restaurant is around to the left side. 

Looking into the restaurant from the entrance. Lots of colorful flags and umbrellas. Also a strip canopy over it all. We didn't eat there as we'd already eaten at La Martina. Another day perhaps. 
Lots of interesting decorations on the walls. 
There is also a children's play area to the left of this display.  I like the western theme here. 
One of the food prep areas. 
Garlic or onions on the grill. Wood fire under grill. 
I took this because I like all the different textures and materials used here.
Nice stair case with the tiles and wood railing. 
A large eating area on the second floor to the front of the restaurant. The door leads to a hotel room. All rooms are named. 
Looking out from the 2nd floor. Can seed a bit of the plaza and the church. 
Another eating area on the 2nd floor. You can look over the rail wall on the right down to the main eating area. 
There are so many interesting areas to check out here on the 2nd floor. 
One of the hotel rooms was open so I HAD to go in and check it out. 
Sorry didn't realize how fuzzy this was. Shower to the left. 
Another neat area to check out. I love the use of the roof tiles in the walls. Such a neat pattern. 
We went up to the third floor another eating area, but people eating there so no pictures. Back dowsn on main floor. Hen with her babies. 
In the main entrance these are waiting benches. I like the back wood for the benches. 
And that was our day in La Noria. 
Bill is feeling much better today. We went out for breakfast and he had scrambled eggs. Then dropped off the laundry and came home. 

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Beautiful & interesting photos!!