Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Some cosmetic work on the RV

Over the years the some of the decals on the back of the RV have discolored. The two on the right Mexico and Central and South America we had made by a graphics guy in Las Vegas. They are fine. The other two - Canada and the U S we bought from camping supply place. The stickers of the states we have traveled in stayed nice the areas without state stickers got UGLY. So Bill contacted Jamie the painter who did the graphics on the RV and Car - not the murals but the body paint came over Sunday to fix the mess.

A closer look at the two that have to come off. For a while we lived in Indiana but never got around to touring the east coast states. Also have not been in much of Canada.
Here is Jamie and his two sons working on taking the clear coat off first. Had to be really careful over the graphics we were going to keep.
Getting the ugly one completely off. 
All the clear coat had to come off the entire back bump out. 
Bill doing this "thing."  Sons working hard. 
In this one you can see where the clear coat has been taken off already. Tedious work. 
A solvent being used to take of remainder of the ones removed. 
Still more work to remove adhesive needs to be done.
Covering the parts that won't get painted. 
Putting tape and paper over the graphics that are fine. Notice the meticulous work on the Central American part. It took a while to get all the curves covered accurately. 
Ready to paint.
Jamie checking that all is ready to go. And then painting.
All done. In the picture it looks like the paint is off color, but it is just the way the light is hitting it. The paint matched the rest of the coach perfect.
All done. Bill has the U S graphic but no the Canadian one. So will wait until we get home to put them back up. And yes we did travel in the motorhome through all those states in Mexico and countries in Central America. In 1978 in the 24 foot Pace Arrow motorhome when we drove from Las Angeles to Argentina. 
While out there I also took some pictures of our plants. When we leave we will give them to Rafael the maintenance man here at the park. 

The poinsettias are just getting green leaves now. No more red until fall.

And that is how we spent Sunday. 

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