Saturday, February 19, 2022

The best laid plans...

 Our time here is winding down so we are kind of like "What can we do today that we haven't already done two or three times this year?"  So I thought I'd figured something out. In the Golden Zone on the third Thursday of the month there is an Art Walk. At least there was previous years. And the was one last month. So lets go have lunch at Lucky B's and look around. It was a nice day, not to hot, no wind. So we parked and started to walk around. First into an area where in the past there have been lots and lots of little shops. As we walked towards the back to visit with the jewelers Bill has visited with every year we found that all these shops were empty, including the jewelers place.

But his equipment was all out side of shops. And there he was in a little tiny, barely room for him and his work bench. Bill went in to visit with him for a while. His polisher outside.
And the rest of his equipment outside of another jewelers store. Covid has been hard on the little shops that depend on tourists. 
We headed across the street towards where we were going to eat. The colorful front of the shopping plaza leading to the beach. 
Walked inside to look around. Most of the shops in here are open. One of the little water features along the walkway. Pretty tile benches around it. 

Back by the beach and Pancho's restaurant. Sure colorful. 
It was Thursday not many people on the beach. Except the guy playing his violin. 
Lots of water toys for rent. 
The beach side of Panchos restaurant. More color
A couple of the pretty tile murals along Panchos walls.

Looking towards the front of the arcade. 
Again out front. Lots of color around. 
A little walk way to the beach. 
We did eat lunch at the restaurant. But there was so much noise there it was not a pleasant experience. We usually don't go there right at lunch time. Our fault. 
Also the salad I had been looking forward to was no wheres as good as it has been in years past. By the time we finished lunch the Art Walk should have been all set up and going on. Well - nope. No one there at all. I guess they only had the one the month before. None this month. I just assumed...
So we started walking around the area. 
Do you believe this sign was on a woman's dress shop. Could not believe my eyes. 
We went into a very nice store Michales. We bought all the tiles years ago for Bill to make our window box planters here. We want to say HI to the sales girl that helped us buy them. But she no longer works there. A very interesting place. Could spend hours in there and still not see everything. 

He is completely cover in tiny beads that are pressed into bees wax. Imagine the hours it took to do that. 
Another beaded work of art. 
This particular area is where the tour guides bring all the tourists from the cruise ships. So a lot of the shops cater to them. A lot of the items here are actually priced in US dollars instead of Pesos. 
A lot of pan handlers in this area too. Usually with little kids. 
I like this necklace. Might try to make one like it when we get home. Now I wish I'd got a better picture of it without all the reflections. 
One of the interesting buildings in the area. Another expensive shop. 
Lots and lots of stuff, high end stuff, for sale. Had to sneak the pictures as they don't like cameras in there. And the clerks follow you around about three feet behind you. 
The ceiling of the place. 
Driving home we came across the Indian with his little boy working the cars at the stop lights., Still couldn't get a good picture of the little boy. 
So that was another day crossed off. 
I just read that for sure Carnival is going to happen as Covid rates are going down. It starts in five days on the 24th. And runs until March 2nd. We were planning on leaving the 3rd, but might leave the 2nd instead hoping every one stays for the last day of Carnival. Many will be on the road going home the 3rd. 


SandyM said...

The year 2020 was very difficult for many small business in Mexican tourist areas - we see it here in Guayabitos, too. Sad but some “Whopper” sizes are needed and now I see many over weigh Mexicans and some Mexican families that are all overweight - never saw that at all when we first started to travel in Mexico many year ago.

The Michaels stores are so much fun to explore and to shop there. Have bought many serving and baking dishes from them and still enjoy using them. I miss our visits to Mazatlan. Thank you for the photos in this post as it is an area we visited often. You always have so much information to share with all of us.

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - glad you enjoy your virtual visits. It is always my pleasure to share thoughts and pictures of the area.