Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Interesting few days

The last twenty or so days have been unusually cool here in Mazatlan. Evenings and night are quite cold for here. Cold enough we aren't even tempted to go out in the evening. And most days there has been a cold wind. It used to be during the days it was mid or upper 80's. Not this year. I know, I know - shouldn't complain compared to the US and Canada it is balmy weather. But...

Tomorrow it is supposed to snow up in the mountains and rain here. Couldn't have picked a worse day to rain. As the title says we've had a few interesting days. I mentioned that Bill would be having oral surgery next week. Well it has been changed to tomorrow morning. Despite the antibiotics the infection continues to bother him. Face is swollen and he is pretty uncomfortable. So after consulting by phone with dentist he had to go to a different oral surgeon. Of course the appointment was an emergency so it was at six in the evening at an address we weren't sure how to get to. So we took a pulmonia  there. An open air golf cart type of taxi. We didn't want to get into a real taxi with Covid as it is. Trip there was fine. Doctor very good. Surgery scheduled. Trip home was not so fine. Dark out, not much pulmonia traffic in that area. So we walked about five blocks before we saw and waved down one. Remember they are open air - so it was a cold ride. I noticed the driver was acting like he didn't feel well and I could see his shoulders shaking like he was coughing. There is a plastic barrier between us and the driver but still... So told Bill I want off of this. Made the driver stop at a restaurant about half way home and got off. Then Bill was hungry. So ate outside. Then had to catch another pulmonia to get home. Didn't want to take a bus. Even colder and the driver didn't waste any time getting us home. Brrrr... Any way tomorrow either I'll drive - if there is parking around dentist or ??? Will check it out today. 

We were across the street having breakfast the other morning and watched this lady buying a tablecloth. She couldn't find one she liked. Had the vendor running back and forth on the beach bringing more for her to see. She finally bought a couple. 

Our friend Mark's family arrived from Canada over the weekend so we met up with them for dinner. We had an early meal so there weren't many people in the restaurant. Fun evening. 
The sunset while we were there. 

I went the next morning with them over to Centro for breakfast at La Antigua. Were walking around a bit - Just thought this was an interesting photo. Surprised that one wall is still standing upstairs. 
Bill had not gone with us - so we ended up cutting our time there short as he was having problems with the tooth and I went home. That was when we consulted with regular dentist and arranged to see new oral surgeon. So didn't do much in way of picture taking. 


SandyM said...

Some really nice sunset pictures.

Hope all goes well for Bill. You hurt all over when your teeth hurt.

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - that is for sure about hurting all over when its teeth. All went well.